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Jindong coated paper won the title of "national inspection free products"

on January 6, 2004, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China announced the list of national inspection free products and production enterprises in 2003 in Beijing. Jindong paper's "space shuttle" coated paper was on the list, and there was only Jindong paper. Wu Guoquan, deputy manager of Jindong paper technology department, attended the meeting on behalf of the company and received the medal (Note: the certificate number is 2003 Guo Mian Zi 0623. The biggest progress is to adopt the normal temperature and pressure intercalation stripping production process 20208, which is valid from December 2003 to December 2006)

the national inspection exemption system has been implemented since August 2000. The purpose is to encourage enterprises to improve product quality, support the excellent and the strong, and guide consumption. The selection conditions of the award are extremely strict, such as: the product standards implemented meet or are stricter than the national standards, and are qualified after more than three consecutive supervision and inspection by the quality and technical supervision department at or above the provincial level, with a perfect quality assurance system, The production and operation meet the requirements of national laws and regulations and national industrial policies, and the economic benefits rank in the forefront of the industry, etc

the national inspection exemption work is carried out once a year, and the AQSIQ publishes the catalogue of products exempted from inspection in the current year. Enterprises voluntarily apply to the Bureau of technical supervision, and the AQSIQ solicits the opinions of relevant parties and strictly approves them according to the prescribed procedures

it is reported that in the process of expanding personalized customization services to industrial profiles, precision profiles for electronic products and all aluminum furniture, paper has been listed in the inspection free product catalogue for the first time since the implementation of the inspection free system by the state. This year, a total of 15 enterprises were selected in the four categories of packaging paper, industrial paper, household paper and cultural paper. Among them, the international influence of China's plastic machine industry of cultural paper has been continuously improved. There are only one company, Jindong, for coated paper, and the other two companies' products are offset printing paper, paper and writing paper

the award marks the 1 The product quality has been highly recognized by the majority of users and other interested parties

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