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Jingao supplies modules for Hungary's largest photovoltaic power station

electromechanical home learned that Jingao technology recently announced that it will supply 54mw modules for kaposvar photovoltaic power station in Hungary. The total scale of the power station is 100MW, which is invested and constructed by General Technology Group China Machinery Corporation. It is the largest photovoltaic power station in Hungary and even central Europe, where the high-end aluminum powder new material industry will attract faster development and the aluminum powder material market structure will be optimized. It is expected to be put into operation in February 2021. Increasing industry concentration or monopoly is an important trend in the development of biomedical materials industry. According to Xinhua news agency, China Central Radio and television station and other media reports, kaposvar photovoltaic power station is "one of the key projects for China and Hungary to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of ecological environmental protection and green development under the framework of the 'the Belt and Road", "It is a beautiful green business card added by Chinese enterprises to Hungary, writing a new chapter for China Hungary energy cooperation."

in order to improve the energy structure dominated by coal and nuclear power and increase energy self-sufficiency, the Hungarian government actively supports the development and construction of renewable energy projects. Kaposvar is broken by 3-point static zigzag load. The development and construction of photovoltaic power station has also received strong support from the local government. At the project commencement ceremony held in 2019, Minister of innovation and science and technology of Hungary palkovic attended and delivered a speech. He said that kaposvar photovoltaic power station is a key project of energy cooperation between Hungary and China, which is of great significance to maintaining Hungary's national energy security and promoting the development of clean energy

for a long time, Jingao has been carrying the corporate mission of "developing solar energy for the benefit of all mankind", actively improving products and technical services, and contributing to the promotion and utilization of photovoltaic energy in the global market. In Hungary, an important photovoltaic market in Central Europe, Jingao cooperates closely with domestic and foreign enterprises to help the development of the local photovoltaic market

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