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Jinchang built the world's largest self-adaptive Japan tracking photovoltaic power station

on October 10, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with customers, the world's largest self-adaptive Japan tracking photovoltaic power station - Jinchang Zhenxin 100 MW photovoltaic power generation project was successfully completed in Xipo photovoltaic industrial park, Jinchuan district

this project is one of the key investment promotion projects signed by Jinchang city at the 18th Lanchang fair. It is jointly funded and constructed by Hong Kong CLP Group and Zhenfa new energy group. ② after pressing the "start" button, the project will release, covering an area of 6306 mu, with a total investment of about 1.245 billion yuan

the project adopts the most advanced inclined single axis adaptive sun tracking photovoltaic power generation device in China, which can carry out real-time control of solar panels. We hope that with the attention paid to the regulation and control of low-cost and low-carbon economy made in China, the mutually independent solar panels can rotate at a unified angle with the movement of sunlight. The project has independent intellectual property rights and patented technology, and its power generation is about 30% higher than that of fixed photovoltaic power stations of the same specification. It is currently the largest self-adaptive tracking photovoltaic power station in the world. Up to now, Zhenxin 100MW photovoltaic power generation project has been completed, with a cumulative power generation of more than 58million kwh. China glass (ass.c) department under the condition of ensuring that plastic packaging materials are non-toxic, hygienic and environmental friendly

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