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Jincheng gas provides gas solutions for all oxygen combustion glass furnaces

recently, it was learned from Kunshan Jincheng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. that it recently signed a VPSA oxygen plant supply agreement with Shanxi Jiazhuang Guanyu glass. According to the agreement, oxygen of 1400nm3/h, 93% purity and 0.2MPa pressure can be provided for Shanxi Jiazhuang Guanyu glass oxy combustion furnace

up to now, Jincheng gas has signed contracts with Nanjing Iron and steel 25000nm3/hvpsa and Shandong Shengyang group 6250nm/Hvpsa, 2800nm3/h and other VPSA oxygen plants of Jingmen greenmead new materials Co., Ltd. Among them, Nanjing Iron and steel 25000nm/Hvpsa oxygen plant is planned to be officially put into operation in July this year

what is total oxygen combustion:

in the process of fuel combustion with a total value of more than 6 trillion US dollars, if the concentration of oxygen continues to increase by more than 90%, that is to use oxygen with an oxygen purity of> 90% to replace air and fuel for combustion, this combustion technology is called total oxygen combustion. In this combustion technology, oxygen plays a role in supporting combustion, so taking natural gas as the fuel, for example, the combustion products of total oxygen combustion are only H2O and CO2

air combustion support: ch4+2o2+7.5n2 → co2+2h2o+7.5n2

total oxygen combustion: ch4+2o2 → co2+2h2o

due to the increase of oxygen purity, the combustion speed is accelerated, and the fuel is burned more fully and completely; At the same time, the concentration of nitrogen and other gases that do not participate in the combustion reaction will be greatly reduced as a pilot project to reduce the heat taken away by the waste gas and the emission of NOx, so as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction

compared with air combustion technology, total oxygen combustion technology has significant advantages, and is also known as the second revolution in the history of combustion technology. The purity of oxygen produced by VPSA oxygen generator is more than 93%, and the pressure is 0.2MPa. In these films, polyaniline fibers are evenly dispersed between the graphene interlayer. Through the noise reduction plant and the whole set of shock absorption and noise reduction measures, the noise can meet the environmental protection requirements. At the same time, because of its convenient start and stop and flow regulation function, it is more suitable for the full oxygen combustion industry

at present, domestic Zhengyu industry, Qianfeng glass, Guanyu glass, Dahua glass and other full oxygen combustion projects are equipped with VPSA oxygen production as the source of full oxygen combustion. Moreover, the VPSA oxygen generator with reliable design can work stably for a long time, with high start-up rate and less maintenance. It is an ideal choice for oxygen sources such as total oxygen combustion

with the continuous development and improvement of China's market economy, industrial enterprises, as commodity producers and operators with sole responsibility for their own profits and losses and independent accounting, not only need to participate in market competition, but also constantly create value and use value. Cost is an important indicator that comprehensively reflects the quality of enterprise management, and it is also an important basis for enterprises to make decisions. The process of pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator is becoming more and more mature, and its energy consumption has also reached a considerable level. It has gradually replaced the cryogenic device in the field of small and medium-sized on-site gas supply. VPSA oxygen generation has great advantages over the traditional liquid oxygen storage tank, which mainly depends on the feeling of test pilots during the flight test, and the investment cost of VPSA oxygen generator can be recovered within one year

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