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Jindong paper earns 100 million a year from environmental protection. In Jindong Paper sewage treatment zone, Zhang Jie, director of environmental protection department of Zhenjiang Jindong paper (hereinafter referred to as Jindong paper), a subsidiary of Indonesian paper giant app group, compared the process of wastewater treatment to that of chickens eating insects at the side of a huge biochemical treatment pool

wastewater contains organic matter, so the principle of our wastewater treatment is very simple. It is to cultivate a batch of bacteria to eat the organic matter in the water.

in Jindong paper industry, all wastewater will flow into this lifelong chemical pool after primary sedimentation. After the gluttonous meal of hundreds of millions of bacteria, these wastewater can be discharged after secondary sedimentation

people can't help worrying about whether these wastewater will cause pollution if it is discharged like this

the water in our fish pond is waste water. Zhang Jie points to a pool, above which is a pavilion in the middle of the lake connected by a zigzag bridge. When the man approached, a large group of fish in the pool began to agitate, waiting for feeding

Jiuqu bridge, Huxin Pavilion, Bi pool, lively fish, Jindong paper employees said this was their park

it is not difficult to see that Jindong paper hopes to subvert people's negative impression of environmental protection of paper enterprises through all this

is this a show

the answer is no, because behind this small bridge, there is a beautiful environmental protection account

due to economic difficulties, enterprises spend the winter with high costs. Through the promotion of environmental protection projects, Jindong paper not only saves costs, but also makes a lot of real money

environmental protection earns 100 million yuan a year.

the general manager office of Jindong paper industry, therefore, sun Bingjian, the assistant manager, told China business news that environmental protection can not only input, but also output in the process of debugging the electronic tensile testing machine. Based on this concept, after several years of efforts, Jindong paper's annual environmental protection income can reach 100 million yuan, and this figure is still growing year by year

at first glance, it seems a little ridiculous. Sewage and waste gas treatment are all money throwing jobs. How to squeeze out a lot of profits from them

increasing revenue and reducing expenditure is often the mainstream magic weapon of cost control. Jindong paper is no exception. In the papermaking process, the pre prepared pulp board needs to be configured as the slurry according to the concentration of 1%. This means that 99 tons of water is required for one ton of slurry. Therefore, the paper industry has always been a major water consumer. How to save water without changing the ratio of slurry to water? Recycling is one of the ways out for Jindong paper

according to sun Bingjian, after several years of efforts, Jindong paper has reduced the water consumption per ton of paper to 6.6 tons. This is due to the white water recycling machine introduced by the company. Through this equipment, more than 90% of the water in the paper machine can be recycled. From the previous 15 tons to the current 6.6 tons, the cost of clean water and sewage charges saved in such a year are equivalent to the income of more than one million

another aspect of throttling is open source. That is to make every kind of waste useful. Sun Bingjian cited several examples. The marble waste residue in papermaking waste originally needed to be treated by someone. Now we find that these wastes can be put into the boiler for desulfurization and then reused, so as to reduce the purchase of raw material calcium carbonate. This single item can save tens of millions a year

Zhang Jie also cited an example of fly ash. We will produce more than 200000 tons of fly ash a year. Previously, we asked people to deal with it at the price of 16 yuan per ton, but now we sell it to brick factories at the price of 6 yuan per ton. This one in, one out, also has more than 4 million a year, seven mountains, two rivers and one field of the border city

(4) 4% environmental protection in other fields is integrated into the company's management

at present, as a core enterprise under app, Jindong paper has delivered a beautiful report card in environmental protection. However, just a few years ago, app was one of the focuses of China's environmental disputes. At that time, some non-governmental environmental protection organizations frequently challenged app. Forestation disputes and suspicion of deforestation were rampant for a time

however, after the dispute subsided, app and its subsidiaries have learned to earn profits through environmental protection investment

last year, APP headquarters established the Ministry of environmental protection and public security, which is responsible for the overall planning and external communication of the group's internal environmental protection business. At the same time, important enterprises including Jindong and Jinhai have also set up their own environmental protection departments, which are supervised by a deputy general manager. Every quarter, the environmental protection departments of APP enterprises will hold an exchange meeting to share experience. In addition, all major subsidiaries of APP have also set up corresponding management and execution systems

taking Jindong paper industry as an example, sun Bingjian said that environmental protection has been included in the overall business objectives of the enterprise, and every production department of the enterprise has its own environmental protection objectives every year, which are included in the performance evaluation

it is under the spur of the strict management system that Jindong paper has been trying to squeeze more money out of environmental protection. Zhang Jie said: at the beginning of the establishment of the factory, what we considered was how to avoid problems in environmental protection. Now we are thinking about how to do better and save more money

in addition to the top-down measures of the enterprise, employees can put forward reasonable suggestions through the company. If employees' suggestions can be formed 1 If the jaw is not placed correctly when clamping, the employee who puts forward the proposal can get a commission from it. In addition to this material reward, Jindong paper also has a spiritual reward method, such as naming its proposed scheme after its employees

Zhu Tao is an ordinary employee of Jindong paper. He found that the schedule of employees was particularly complex and lengthy. So he designed a new watch according to the perpetual calendar, which can hold the original four or five pages on one A4 paper. Based on a shift schedule for 3000 employees in the whole plant, Zhu Tao's idea can save a lot of paper a year. So his shift schedule was named Zhutao shift schedule and promoted throughout the factory

through mandatory rules and regulations, regular experience exchange, and various comprehensive ways, environmental protection brings considerable benefits to Jindong paper industry every year. Obviously, when environmental protection is really integrated into daily operation and management, rather than just a slogan, environmental protection is no longer a cost but a benefit. In the era of high cost, the environmental protection of APP provides a new idea for enterprises to increase revenue and reduce expenditure

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