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On August 16, 2018, the off-line ceremony of the first new focus (c519) was held in Changan Ford main engine plant in Chongqing. This also marks the first mass production application of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, the latest product of Jinfa carbon fiber company under Jinfa Technology (600143), in the field of automotive lightweight. This is also the first mass production of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites used in automotive door substrates in the world

&e do not use tools to pry and other dangerous methods MSP; Guangzhou Jinfa carbon fiber new material development Co., Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinfa technology, has been committed to the research and development of technical products and market development in the field of high-performance composite materials since its establishment in 2012. Relying on the strong technical strength of Jinfa technology in the polymer field, Jinfa carbon fiber company has developed a series of composite innovative products of general screw. The products represented by continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin matrix composite "kingstrongtm" UD strip and "kingplytm" organic sheet have broad application prospects in the field of transportation and automobile lightweight structural materials

this time, Brose company, the door system supplier of Changan Ford c519, innovatively adopted the mixed material scheme of organic board composite material combined with LFT to replace the traditional steel or single long fiber PP, and matched with a new mixed process molding production line (molding and injection molding) to realize the manufacturing and production of thermoplastic composite door base plate. Compared with steel and long fiber PP door system, thermoplastic composite door system can effectively reduce weight by 5kg/car or 2kg/car. Due to the introduction of continuous fiber materials, the new door base plate design scheme has lighter weight, higher strength, higher efficiency, and can integrate more functions and modules, saving the production and installation of multiple sub components and multiple welding processes, and further reducing the weight cost and assembly workload of the door system assembly. This innovative material scheme has also been highly recognized by Ford, the main engine manufacturer

over the past four years, Goldilocks carbon fiber company has continuously invested huge R & D resources in the c519 door substrate project, and established a R & D team with a number of returned doctors as the core. It has successively made breakthroughs in the stable preparation of ultra-thin UD strip, the design and development of automatic production equipment after crossply is connected to the computer, the whole process quality monitoring, the structural design of multilayer organic board composites and the calculation and Simulation of manufacturing process Many key technologies, such as defect prediction of organic board parts, have laid a solid foundation for the success of the project and the future product development and market expansion of the company

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