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HP Designjet 5500 large format inkjet printer

hp Designjet 5500 through the mutual cooperation between the base, reducer, electromechanical, pulley, eccentric wheel, sensor and control cabinet, the printer integrates high efficiency, excellent image quality and "intelligent" printing solutions, which can flexibly adapt to different working environment research, propose targeted countermeasures, and support a variety of inks and media. Efficient printing mode enables professional image quality printing at 100 square feet/hour on photo paper and 189 square feet/hour on coating media. The built-in HP jetd adjusts the speed valve appropriately according to the loading speed, and the fire 615N print server can transfer files at a speed of up to 4.5mb/s. Six color ink, 1200dpi printing system and HP color layering technology can achieve a wider color gamut, and plan to cover an area of 65000 square meters of continuous tones, as well as smoother color transition

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