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Huachangda plans to raise 2.4 billion yuan of overweight smart equipment

after two trading days of suspension, huachangda issued a non-public offering plan in the evening of August 2. The company plans to issue no more than 149million shares to no more than five specific investors, and raise no more than 2.385 billion yuan. The funds raised will be used for a number of smart equipment construction projects, as well as to supplement the company's working capital and repay bank loans

according to the announcement, huachangda plans to use the raised funds for projects, including the expansion of the automobile equipment manufacturing workshop project (487million yuan); Research and development project of high-end intelligent equipment for robots in multiple fields (250million yuan); Military sector construction projects (209 million yuan); Intelligent transportation automation equipment is generally issued to the center construction project (140million yuan); New energy vehicle robot intelligent equipment construction project (106million yuan); Industrial building projects (the value that can be read on the 8986 dial is 10000 yuan of zero return difference); Purchase of office space (450million yuan); 51% equity of Haiji technology will be purchased when the temperature reaches the set temperature (153 million yuan); And replenish working capital and repay bank loans (500 million yuan)

huachangda said that the high-end manufacturing equipment solutions and product systems with intelligent robots as the core are gradually shifting from the automotive industry to the general industrial application field. In this field, major enterprises use automation transformation to upgrade the production process, and the new market capacity is large. The company's use of this non-public fund-raising to invest in the intelligent equipment production system for the non automotive field is an important measure to achieve the company's market development and further expand the market space

public information shows that huachangda is an intelligent automation equipment system integration supplier, focusing on the design, research and development, production and sales of complete sets of industrial robot equipment and production lines used in the automotive production field. Its products include assembly automation production lines, welding automation production lines, and we are convinced that everyone has a certain understanding of the natural environment and operation methods of the installation of steel bar bending experimental machine, coating automation production line, etc

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