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Hp/HP Xiaoou HP 14s laptop also provides an interactive data analysis method brain light portable book evaluation use evaluation

HP/HP Xiaoou HP 14s laptop light portable business office independent laptop

light portable only need to bring conventional accessories to be able to stand out in fashion performance. The following is a collection of the latest user comments for the reference and comparison of friends in need

first use feeling: it only takes a few seconds to start the machine, and the sound quality is 3 It is inconvenient to adjust the front and back of the blade, and the operation is very good. It's winder10. My wife can't use it very well. It's very beautiful in appearance and wallpaper. In short, I'm quite satisfied with the evaluation after using it for a period of time:

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HP/HP Xiaoou HP 14s Valeo uses PBT ultradur B 4520 and ultradur B 4300 G4 laptops. Thin portable business book configuration parameters:

product parameters:

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