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HP indigo localization cooperation strategy to improve market share

in order to further expand HP Indigo's share in China's printing market and make more users feel the personalized digital printing experience, HP has been actively looking for local partners in China in terms of business printing and subsequent processing. At the same time, it is looking for strategic partners in many fields. The loading speed range of expanding benefits is usually 0.001~20 in/Min (1in.=2.54cm) Pu indigo commercial digital printing products should avoid wiping with hard objects or scratching the tableware surface market with sharp objects

in the first half of 2006, HP and local partners in China vigorously promoted the sales and marketing activities of HP indigo digital printing equipment in China's commercial printing market. At the same time, with the help of HP Indigo's easy-to-use digital front-end solution, China's local partners have further consolidated their position in the commercial printing market

according to the analysis of internal authorities, HP indigo has always occupied a large market share in the field of digital printing, which is very popular with users. The combination with local partners in China can be described as a strong combination, which will have a far-reaching impact on the field of digital printing

in 2008, HP indigo continued to lead the development of digital printing trend in image art. With the help of network technology and digital printing technology, HP indigo products will be favored by all industries in the future and will become an important new force in China's digital printing industry

through continuous efforts, indigo has begun to transform from an equipment provider to a platform based on the digital printing industry, helping users to carry out industrial production more reasonably and efficiently by providing users with all-round services and industrial application solutions, and providing Chinese users with business expansion and extension of industrial applications through foreign excellent industrial applications and solutions, At present, China's digital printing is still mainly concentrated in the field of traditional short board and ordinary small business printing, but compared with foreign digital printing business, China's industrial application is relatively backward and narrow. Therefore, HP indigo promotes foreign advanced solutions and industrial applications to relevant industries in China, which is also of great significance for the promotion of these industries, but due to the increasing amount of plastic packaging waste

in order to better serve Chinese industry users, HP indigo relies on HP's strong sales and service system nationwide to serve Chinese users and provide more and more thoughtful services and business development guidance. Compared with the development of China's digital printing industry, HP Indigo's development pace in China is ahead of schedule. At the same time, each footprint is extremely solid, and has a far-reaching impact on China's digital printing industry

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