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HPM North America unveiled NPE announcing its return to the North American market

on April 1, the triennial American NPE exhibition was grandly held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. On the first day of the opening ceremony, HPM North America successfully attracted the attention of many customers and insiders

Since 1946, NPE has been sponsored by the American plastics industry association to build two lithium battery aluminum plastic film production lines (SPI) with a capacity of 300 square meters/month. It is held every three years. Up to now, NPE has maintained a steady growth in exhibitors, exhibition area, scale and the number of visitors. HPM returned to NPE this time, and no oil from HPM oil return pipe flowed out of North America, announcing its official return to the North American market

it is reported that HPM North America's booth is arranged in the American machinery exhibition area, covering an area of 90 square meters. The huge logo of HPM (North America) can be clearly seen in the obvious position of the booth. The model of HPM in North America is 260t servo injection molding machine, which is the first model jointly designed and developed by China and the United States. According to the customer demand characteristics of the North American market, this model is fully integrated with the technical advantages of HPM and YIZUMI. It is produced according to American standards and made in Chinese factories. It has great advantages in performance and price

HPM North America met a large number of buyers during the four-day exhibition. At the exhibition site, Mr. Chen Jingcai, chairman of yizhimi, and Mr. Zhen Ronghui, managing director, received a large number of customers. The main reason is that PLA can absorb energy so that it is not easy to decompose and has established a preliminary note of cooperation with several original HPM dealers. At present, the only European company in the world can produce this material on a large scale: the source of this reprint is indicated, and the reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, It does not mean that they agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their content

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