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Huachuan natural gas and Heli Yijie have reached a strategic cooperation to build the first intelligent service platform

Yangxin Huachuan Natural Gas Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is jointly operated by Datong gas and Yangxin urban investment company. The company is mainly engaged in pipeline natural gas supply and CNG gas filling business. It is a key energy project of urban infrastructure construction in Yangxin County

adhering to the concept of service first and user first, Yangxin County Huachuan natural gas company has been committed to providing users with safe, efficient and convenient services. For this purpose, Yangxin County Huachuan natural gas company has invested special funds to build Huachuan intelligent management platform, and has joined forces with domestic call center service providers to reach strategic cooperation with Yijie, which is widely used in automobiles, aviation, medical devices, furniture, machinery manufacturing and other springs Shock absorber production, utilization and other industries established the first intelligent service platform, which was officially launched in 2020

01 the first 24-hour customer service center of the group has been put into operation

at present, there are more than 25000 civilian users in the old urban area of Yangxin County. The demand for natural gas does not decline, and the energy consumption has become a general trend. However, residential users lack knowledge of natural gas, and often face a variety of questions in use. In order to provide better services to users and solve the problems of users in gas use in time, Yangxin County Huachuan natural gas company has established the first customer service call center by building the software and hardware of the call center with Yijie

at the same time, a full-time organization was set up to provide users with 24-hour uninterrupted consulting services, which effectively solved the problem of customer service connection rate. After the call center went online, the service efficiency was greatly improved, which was highly praised by the majority of users

02 comprehensively open up business processes and services and improve service efficiency

in order to open up the whole process of business and services from user account opening to ventilation building curtain wall testing as/nzs 4284:1995, and realize the unified management of user call information, history records, business records, service records and other data. Yangxin County Huachuan Natural Gas Co., Ltd. makes use of the mature interface ability of Heli Yijie call center system to deeply integrate the call center system with Huachuan intelligent management platform to realize high-speed, convenient and professional one-stop service

it is reported that Huachuan intelligent management platform is customized by MSI dimaofeng Technology Co., Ltd. according to the current situation of Yangxin Huachuan natural gas company, which integrates user account opening, user recharge, work order dispatching, material management User service status tracking is "Consumers also hope to use natural materials to make packaging materials into an integrated information management system.

connecting the business management platform with the service platform to realize the integration of service information and unified management of user data is an upgrade and breakthrough in the convenient, people-friendly, intelligent and convenient management of Yangxin County Huachuan natural gas company. In addition, staff do not need to switch back and forth platforms, and one platform can query all user information, which greatly improves The efficiency of the customer service department

in order to make users have a better experience, Yangxin Huachuan natural gas company has been innovating and making progress, and has always adhered to customer-centered. In the future, Yangxin Huachuan natural gas company will continue to work together with Yijie to bring more convenient and better services to the majority of natural gas users

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