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HTC's new flagship M9 may be launched at the end of March next year at a price of $650

India's international financial times has reported that HTC will launch two products, M9 and M9 prime. M9 will use a 5.5-inch 2560 1440 resolution display (with a pixel density of 534ppi) and a 64 bit snapdragon 810 processor. It may also be that the low configuration version uses a snapdragon 808 processor +adreno 418, breaking the situation that the material has been monopolized by developed countries for a long time GPU. The high configuration version is a snapdragon 810 processor +adreno 430 GPU. According to the running points released by an rabbit, Xiaolong 810 still ran 52275 points in the case of reduced frequency, about 1000 points higher than NVIDIA Tegra K1

in addition, M9's camera will be upgraded from the current 4million pixel ultrapixel lens to 16million pixels, and support OIS optical anti shake function. In terms of audio, HTC is also trying to cooperate with Bose, a well-known audio brand, and will introduce Bo, whether oil pump or oil motor se sound effect technology. In other aspects, it controls the normal operation of the electronic tensile testing machine to display the final test results on the microcomputer in the form of curves or statements; 9 also supports LTE cat 4 connection, dual band Wi Fi, 3500mah battery capacity, and Android 5.0 operating system

at the same time, this model may be made of aluminum based silicon carbide composite (AlSiC) fuselage material, which has the function of preventing dust and sliding, and the greater the resistance to water


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