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How about the functions of HTC vive CE smart VR glasses and pcvr 3D helmet? Start with the real advantages and disadvantages evaluation

this HTC vive CE smart VR glasses pcvr 3D helmet looks recommended by the evaluation. I planted this HTC vive CE behind, and have used it for a period of time. Let's talk about the real use evaluation of this HTC vive CE. I hope it can be used for your choice and reference

in terms of tensile experiments

htc vive CE real use evaluation:

this HTC vive CE smart VR glasses pcvr 3D helmet is in a Dongxia single. At the first sight of arrival, it feels good texture, and the sense of substitution is particularly strong. I have thought for several times that there is really a table in front of me, and I want to lie down to catch the ball. As a result, jumping on the air can replace sports praise. This VR is particularly good, with particularly high positioning sensitivity, no delay, and the handle is also, It takes a long time to charge the electricity once, and the price of is the most cost-effective, including tax and freight. Now, it's generally satisfactory Friends in need, please click here to view more user reviews details of advantages and disadvantages

configuration features:

HTC vive smart VR glasses pcvr 3D helmet has a head mounted display, two single handheld controllers, a positioning system (Lighthouse) that can track the display and controller simultaneously in space, and the head display is an OLED screen with a combined resolution of 2160 x 1200. 2K resolution greatly reduces the graininess of the picture, and the screen effect is almost invisible. And can wear the head display while wearing glasses. Even if you don't wear glasses, you can still clearly see the details of the picture with a myopia of about 400 degrees. The screen refresh rate is 90hz, which allows you to easily immerse in the real world of the game

control system: control the price of electrical appliances:

htc vive CE intelligent VR glasses pcvr 3D helmets are currently priced in JD HTC self operated stores. Under extremely high point contact pressure, the bearing capacity of the lubricant is ¥ 4888.00. If you have a need, you may wish to refer to JD to check the latest activity quotation (check activity quotation)

evaluation of advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: zero distance before reality and virtual

disadvantages: what you are not satisfied with is that your eyes are wired, but this is not a disadvantage. It may be that the technology is not perfect

summary: it feels very real. It's real in May this year. It's an immersive feeling

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