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HP indigo comprehensively promotes China's digital printing industry

HP is not only a leading provider of digital solutions, but also one of the top manufacturers in the entire label industry. With its advanced end-to-end digital solutions, it helps processing enterprises enter new markets that can bring rich profits, grasp all kinds of great business opportunities, and stand out from the fiercely competitive market

with the rapid development of the world's digital printing industry, the printing industry has also stepped into the era of digital printing from traditional printing. With the Industrial Differentiation of various printing types, more experimental machines need to be checked frequently. New digital printing came into being. At the same time, the business printing business has also transitioned from the original traditional printing to the camp of digital printing. For the whole booming market, printing demand and printing services have also begun to become the focus of industry users

HP indigo has made brilliant achievements in the digital printing market. As the industry leader, it continues to promote the development of the entire industry

HP indigo has successively introduced three core technologies: electronic ink technology, heat transfer technology and color conversion technology in response to the growing market demand and business development direction. These three technologies enable indig to process, store and print the experimental results according to relevant national standards. O the products can not only meet the needs of short board printing in the past, but also effectively guarantee more business development and industry needs in the future, especially when encountering some product problems. HP indigo has formed a complete digital printing solution, which can meet the comprehensive needs of commercial printing and industrial printing. Its flagship product HP I has fully applied three core printing technologies through heat transfer oil mold temperature machine and heat exchanger ndigo 4500, HP indigo 3050 and HP indigo 5000, which will bring perfect experience to more and more printing service providers and help their business growth

based on the continuous introduction of new products and technologies, in order to better meet the full range of personalized needs of users and consolidate HP's leading position in the industry, HP indigo has established partnerships with major high-end workflow suppliers around the world, and launched the integration of aikefa aipuji, Kodak yinnengjie, Heidelberg Yintong and pinghuizhi workflow respectively, supporting the coexistence of analog and digital printing technologies. At the same time, in the middle of this year, HP indigo also reached a cooperation agreement with the well-known domestic founder Yinjie to comprehensively promote China's digital printing industry in China. Indigo's products have better competitiveness in the industry, which also helps users to explore new business areas and profit margins. In order to better accept and apply indigo products, HP has prepared many solutions for users. The premise of these solutions is that with the strong technical support of HP, users can achieve the maximum application effect and profit growth in the shortest time

indigo's technology has been very well applied in many fields. At present, Indigo's products can not only carry out short edition printing and business printing in the traditional sense, but also have made great achievements in the application of personal album and anti-counterfeiting printing. For those printing business needs that require high-quality, variable data printing, indigo's products and technology can ensure that users' prints get the ideal effect

as an industry leader, HP is very concerned about the development of customer business. In order to help customers succeed in the highly competitive digital Photocopying industry, HP indigo plays the role of a giant

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