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Hqts hansman group brings high-level industrial quality control services to meet you at the digital Expo

hqts Hansmann group brings high-level industrial quality control services to meet you at the digital Expo

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the fourth digital China Construction Summit will be held in Fuzhou. At the same time, the first China (Fuzhou) International Digital Products Expo will be held simultaneously from April 25 to 27. At that time, well-known consumer electronics manufacturers and buyers at home and abroad will participate in the Expo, providing a one-stop procurement exchange platform for sellers and buyers at home and abroad

as hqts hansman group, which has more than 25 years of deep experience in the field of quality control, will also present its services such as inspection, testing, supply chain management and trade certification, which are highly acclaimed in the industry, at the first digital Expo

today, when traditional industries are digitally empowered through Internet technology, hqts hansman group also keeps pace with the development of the times and provides professional and authoritative quality inspection services for many intelligent products. From the field of consumer goods to industrial products, more than 1000 quality control experts and employees under hqts hansman group have gathered their efforts to jointly contribute to "made in China" and "made in China" - helping buyers achieve strict and professional quality control, and providing authoritative and meticulous quality compliance consulting and training for suppliers

the smart car exhibition area appearing in the digital Expo also highlights the layout and strength of hqts hansman group in the field of industrial products. Based on the senior third-party quality control organization that began in 1995, on the basis of condensing the past deep quality control experience and strength, we continue to improve the flexible and convenient service quality. Based on the service network advantages of more than 80 points in the world, through the technical guidance of a powerful expert group and more than 2000 inspection engineers, we are able to provide services including CRRC, Mitsubishi forklift, PowerChina In order to avoid guide rail deformation, CNOOC and other domestic and foreign enterprises in the automotive, transportation, power equipment, petrochemical and other industries that have high requirements for quality control provide high-level quality control services in the field of industrial products

from April 25 to 27, 2021, in the smart car exhibition area of the first China (Fuzhou) International Digital Products Expo, hqts hansman group will see you at booth 20 of 3E high thermal conductivity, low expansion electronic packaging and heat sink material technology

the first China (Fuzhou) International Digital Products Expo

with the theme of "focusing on product innovation and cultivating digital consumption", this digital Expo will set up six exhibition areas, including digital home, consumer electronic products, digital security, live broadcast equipment, digital health care, smart cars, and hold digital new product release and promotion meetings and a series of professional docking meetings

time: April 25 - April 27, 2021

location: Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center - booth 3e20 of smart car exhibition area

at present, various preparations for the digital Expo are being carried out in an orderly manner. In terms of attracting exhibition and investment, the digital Expo has extensively invited more than 400 industry leaders and brand enterprises across the country to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, the digital Expo will cover its rated pressure in an all-round way, adjust the digital product industry chain through the overflow valve, and display the latest achievements of the deep integration of 5g applications, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, IOT, cloud computing, big data and other cutting-edge technologies with the home appliance industry and consumer electronics production enterprises, such as automatic driving and vehicle technology, "full immersion liquid cooling" technology, smart city solutions, new sports technology equipment Voice human-computer intelligent interaction system, etc

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