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the world is ending. The 2016 Huawei China partner conference is successfully concluded, and rong'er also wants to say goodbye to you. For more highlights and expectations this spring, please pay attention to Huawei ICT tour, which will live up to your wishes

rong'er kindly reminded: This is the last group of live content broadcast of the 2016 Huawei China partner conference. Please watch and cherish it

on March 11, the second day of the 2016 Huawei China partner conference, the enterprise communication sub Forum opened at the Crystal Hall of the Century City International Conference Center. The partners' attention and enthusiasm for enterprise communication far exceeded expectations, and nearly 400 partners came to the 300 person venue. IDC senior analysts, customer experts, partner representatives and Huawei talked about the new opportunities of enterprise communication closely around HD, integration and cloud

cloud, integration and industry communication lead the new direction

first of all, Mr. Ma Haixu, President of Huawei's core product line, delivered a speech at the sub forum. From the trend of cloud and big video, we can see the three directions of enterprise communication: cloud, integration and industry communication. President Ma introduced to his partners that in 2016, he will continue to focus on the field of enterprise communications, and will release a new version on the cloud platform that will be oriented to both the settled and hosting markets; Two popular professional terminals TE10 and te20 will be launched in the direction of big video, and a more open industry communication platform icp1.0 will be released in the direction of industry communication With the attitude of continuous innovation and open cooperation, Huawei and its partners have witnessed the coming of the era of enterprise communication, seek common development and share brilliance

summary and Prospect of Enterprise Communications China in the past five years

looking back on the past five years, Huawei BG China UC solution can be used for a long time at a temperature above 240 ℃; Qin Feng, director of the program sales department, felt a lot. In the past five years, Huawei enterprise communications has never been known by the market at the beginning of the establishment of BG, and has more than 2000 partners; From followers to leaders, we have gone through some detours, but we have always adhered to technological innovation in the field of audio and video, and worked together with partners. In the future, due to the unique brittleness of carbon fiber, Huawei will continue to focus on the research and development of core technologies, products and solutions in the audio and video field, and will complement each other's strengths, share opportunities and grow together with all partners with a more open attitude. The market is very large and there is a lot of space. Huawei is willing to work with partners to build a more brilliant five years

analysts share industry trends

video communication, as the most direct and efficient means of long-distance communication and cooperation, has been recognized by more and more enterprises. So how can traditional enterprise communication manufacturers jump out of the shackles of the original conference and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises? Cui Kai, an IDC analyst, made an in-depth analysis for his partners on the scene. 1. The force value revision of electronic universal testing machine: how can we drive business change in the era of video after entering the computer program and opening the revision interface

after listening to industry experts' analysis of trends, Ruan Guanchun, chief engineer of Huawei BG China video products department, shared with us Huawei's understanding and planning in the field of enterprise communications. He profoundly pointed out that video solutions that are convenient, fast, easy to use, closely integrated with business, and the ultimate experience of audio and video can meet the growing communication demands of current users. Huawei will build a flexible, flexible, open Internet and cloud based secure video cloud platform based on user business applications and core platforms with telecom operation capabilities

converged communication ec3.0 was officially released

in the eyes of many people, we welcome the domestic debut of converged communication ec3.0. Mr. Ma Rui, general manager of Huawei colduc, introduced the key changes of ec3.0 in integration and cloud. At the same time, it shares the capabilities of all media integration, multi terminal integration and internal and external collaborative integration, which brings a more efficient office to the enterprise, which is known as the cancer case of architecture, and also eliminates the distance between the enterprise and its partners and customers, so as to collaborate freely

at the end of the release, Mr. Ma Rui invited everyone to experience the high-quality experience brought by converged communication: deploy the high-definition video terminal te30 on site, interact with the exhibition area of the conference and the office area of Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, and allow different end users in different regions to participate in the enterprise communication sub forum synchronously

sharing of successful cases of partners

Jin Rong, a three-level expert in science and technology of China Customs, shared with us how the customs achieved multi terminal and multi scenario access through the communication platform under the background of discrete communication means and complex business processes, so as to create a safe, integrated and integrated integrated integrated communication system of the national customs and improve the efficiency of customs offices. At the same time, the open platform realizes the integration with the customs production business, installs eyes, mouths and ears for the business system, and helps to realize the construction of intelligent information customs

Mr. zhangzhipeng, CEO of our partner Yunzhen, shared his understanding of the video market. He pointed out that the market needs to adapt to the needs of a large number of SMB customers for video communication, while reducing the cost of SMBs or individuals to buy or own video terminals and networks. Huawei, which has independently developed operational video platforms and cost-effective terminal products, is a powerful and best partner in the era of high-definition cloud video. He said that Beijing yunzhenluo Technology Service Co., Ltd. will, as always, cooperate with Huawei to open a new market for high-definition video communication and enter a new era of cloud video together

interactive question and answer

finally, I shared with you the extremely enthusiastic question and answer session. The content shared by the experts was easy to answer, which shows how serious the partners listened to the class

2016 Huawei Partner Conference has been successfully concluded, which makes us feel the infinite enthusiasm of Huawei partners. Huawei will be committed to building an ecological chain in the field of enterprise communication for a long time, and strive to achieve the trinity of customers, partners and manufacturers. In 2016, we will usher in a golden era of enterprise communication

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