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Dongfeng Automobile: from the pioneer of the automobile industry in the Republic to the leader of the automobile scientific and technological revolution in the new era, Dongfeng Automobile, the first automobile brand selected in the national brand project of Xinhua news agency, jointly released the Dongfeng brand story with Xinhua news agency in Shanghai on May 9 to promote the implementation of the new brand strategy of Dongfeng Automobile, promote brand upgrading, and convey the historical accumulation of Dongfeng Automobile and the value pursuit of the dream of becoming a powerful automobile in the new era

"Dongfeng brand story" aims to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, excavate brand value and spread brand voice. It records 10 vivid brand stories, shows the innovation and persistence of Dongfeng brand in the process of product research and development, design and production, and reflects the core value of Dongfeng brand

tracing the origin of Dongfeng Motor, we have to mention the first brand of Chinese military vehicles. In the late 1960s, the second automobile manufacturer, the predecessor of Dongfeng Motor, built eq240 models without resources and technology to participate in the 21st anniversary celebration of the founding of new China, leaving a strong mark in the history of the rise of China's great powers. Subsequently, the military parade of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China all left the figure of Dongfeng military vehicles

today, the pioneer of the Republic's automotive industry is transforming from a large industrial manufacturing enterprise into a leader in the automotive scientific and technological revolution in the new era. Industrial upgrading has brought about a revolution in the automotive industry. Lightweight, electrification, intellectualization, networking and sharing have changed from concept to reality. Relying on scientific and technological support and cross-border innovation, Dongfeng Motor actively builds a new manufacturing system and provides new solutions for smart and green travel

Zhang Zu, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the national brand project China brand day event of Xinhua news agency

Zhang Zutong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., said that brand is the comprehensive embodiment of the competitiveness of enterprises and even countries. During the construction and development of Dongfeng Motor in nearly half a century, Dongfeng Motor has formed a deep brand heritage, carrying the mission and original intention of realizing a powerful automobile country and allowing people to enjoy a high-quality automobile life, reflecting the style of innovation, forge ahead, and always walking in the forefront of the times

not long ago, Dongfeng Motor released a brand strategy with quality, wisdom, and joy as the core values. This brand strategy is a new interpretation of the historical accumulation of Dongfeng brand and a new idea for brand development - --- tianhuafeng, Associate Professor/boshihan, School of materials and mechanical engineering, Beijing Industrial and commercial University

Dongfeng Motor Group's explanation of this brand strategy is: quality is the root of Dongfeng brand in the new era, quality is taste, quality is quality, quality is the most important gene in Dongfeng's blood, and it is the foundation of Dongfeng; Wisdom is the source of Dongfeng brand in the new era, wisdom is ability, wisdom is emotion, wisdom is the symbol of modern industrial civilization and the source of winning the future; Harmony is the soul of Dongfeng brand in the new era, harmony is character, joy is the outlook on life, harmony is the tireless pursuit of life, and it is a belief

Zhang Zutong said that the release of brand strategy is just a new starting point. There is still a lot of work to be done to transform the core values of quality, wisdom and joy into action, and to transmit them to consumers, partners and society. Dongfeng hopes to work with Xinhua News Agency national brand project and all sectors of society to promote brand upgrading, create a world-renowned first-class brand, and jointly promote the transformation of Chinese products into Chinese brands

brand story is a characteristic service launched by the national brand project of Xinhua news agency. Brand stories focus on the highlights and achievements of enterprise brand construction. Through vivid and touching stories with high packaging costs, the value pursuit and brand ideal of national enterprises are vividly presented to the world, moistening things silently transmitting brand value and achieving brand influence

Xinhua Shanghai, May 9 (Wu ye) on May 9, Xinhua News Agency's national brand project China brand day series activities were launched in Shanghai. At the Symposium of the heads of enterprises selected by the national brand project of Xinhua news agency, he Xiaoqing, deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., said that Chery automobile has adhered to the international development route beyond the stream since its inception. After years of hard work, Chery automobile has become a business card of Chinese brands overseas. In the future, Chery Automobile will continue to speak well about Chinese brands through the national brand project of Xinhua news agency, so tensile testing machine enterprises should not only become partners with instrument and equipment enterprises, transmit the voice of Chinese brands, and further enhance the international competitiveness of Chery brand

hexiaoqing said that national brands are not only related to the overall economic development of an enterprise, a region and even a country, but also a bridge and link between different markets and economies. He said that with the all-round development of economy and society, China has entered the best period of brand building. Today, China needs to concentrate on cultivating national brands to drive economic development to a higher level

hexiaoqing believes that the construction of national brands requires the continuous acceleration of internationalization of independent brands. Take Chery Automobile as an example. Since the first Chery Automobile went abroad in 2001, it has exported more than 1.35 million vehicles, covering 46 countries along the the Belt and Road. In Iran, Brazil, Russia and other places, Chery automobile has become the representative of China's high-end manufacturing brands. At present, Chery has ranked first in China's passenger car exports for 15 consecutive years

hexiaoqing said that in the critical period of China's brand construction, Xinhua News Agency timely launched a national national brand communication platform, which will play a good role in promoting the internationalization of China's independent brand car enterprises. With the communication resources and strong communication strength of the state news agency, Xinhua News Agency interprets the competitiveness of Chinese brands to the world, tells the story of Chinese brands, transmits the voice of Chinese brands, and provides effective communication channels for China's excellent national enterprises to further expand their brand influence. Taking advantage of the historical opportunity of the the Belt and Road strategy, Chinese enterprises, including Chery, urgently need to achieve high added value and brand premium through industrial upgrading when going global, and move towards a new stage. Chery Automobile hopes to explore a larger world with other excellent enterprises through the national communication platform of Xinhua News Agency national brand project

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