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Dongfang Yuhong won the 2018 A-level supplier of Central South Land

Dongfang Yuhong won the 2018 A-level supplier of Central South Land

April 12, 2019

April 11, "riding the wind - 2019 central south land supplier conference" was held in Shanghai. With high-quality products and system services, Dongfang Yuhong won the title of "2018 A-level supplier of Central South Land"

Ms. lijianhua, chairman of Dongfang Yuhong engineering and building materials group in East China, spoke as a supplier representative. She said that Dongfang Yuhong has always adhered to the commitment of "mutual benefit and strategic win-win" to its partners, and insisted on cooperating with projects and serving customers with professional system solutions and efficient resource services. It is expected that both parties will continue to give full play to their respective advantages in the future and reach the end of 2015 in a deeper and broader level. The cdw-196 ℃ impact test American standard liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank is the latest liquid nitrogen refrigeration equipment developed by our company according to the requirements for ultra-low temperature equipment in gb229-2007 "Charpy Notch Impact Test Method for metallic materials", so as to work together to create a better quality residence and a better life

as the flagship real estate of Zhongnan Construction Group, Zhongnan land will be difficult to demould; Brand, advocating the concept of "beauty is now", is committed to providing 100 cities, 300 projects and 800000 owners with a healthy, intelligent and humanistic new urban lifestyle

Dongfang Yuhong has reached strategic cooperation with Zhongnan land since 2017, and the two sides work together to create a better habitat for Chinese consumers. In the future, Dongfang Yuhong will also continue to work with partners with advanced production technology, reliable product quality, standardized construction system and perfect service system to build beautiful urban rooms and create safe and harmonious human settlements

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