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Dongfang Yuhong held the first half of 2010 summing up conference

its yield strength ratio was correspondingly very low. The good news of the first half of 2010 summing up conference of Dongfang Yuhong (Group) was frequently heard: under the double pressure of the rise in the price of raw materials in the first half of the year, the implementation of the new national standard for waterproof products, the sharp increase in production costs, the tightening of national macro-control, and the obvious contraction of the real estate construction market, companies The sales of all sectors have still made remarkable achievements - the high-speed rail project has achieved fruitful results, and the market share is at the top; The channel development momentum is like a rainbow, and the doubling plan is advancing steadily; The local market continues to grow, and all business departments are catching up with each other. Departments with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan can be expected soon; The market transformation of scientific and technological achievements was further strengthened, and the sales contribution of new products exceeded 40%

on the afternoon of July 10, Dongfang Yuhong managers and excellent employee representatives from all over the country gathered at Shanghai Jinshan sports center. After completing a two-day cost leadership strategy training seminar, a summary meeting for the first half of 2010 was held. At the meeting, the general managers of each company and the heads of production and operation center, market center, technology center and procurement center respectively reported the work and cost leadership implementation plan of each system in the first half of the year. Xiang Jinming, the director and CEO, made a comprehensive analysis of the business data in the first half of the year and deployed the work priorities in the second half of the year in detail

chairman Li Weiguo attended the meeting and delivered an important speech entitled comprehensively improving the quality of enterprise operation

Li Weiguo pointed out that the company made remarkable sales achievements in the first half of the year, its market share has been rapidly improved, Beijing company has maintained the momentum of sustained and rapid growth, Shanghai company and Tianjin market have caught up, the situation is gratifying, and the leading position of the enterprise has been further consolidated. From the perspective of sales scale, even if the companies of Dongfang Yuhong are separated and calculated, Beijing company can still sit firmly at the top of the industry leader. As a new company, Shanghai company, following Beijing company, has quickly jumped to the first group army in the industry. We'll see! Of course, we also have obvious shortcomings: the company still has a lot of room to improve its business quality, its endogenous growth ability needs to be further strengthened, its profitability needs to be improved, and the state of "overall leadership and tight structure" has not been fundamentally changed. On the road from a leading enterprise to a leading enterprise research institute and BMW industry, all Dongfang Yuhong people need to continue to make arduous efforts

during the meeting, the cost leading scheme of each module was announced, and the certificate of merit and bonus were awarded to the Department proposing the case that the elastic element of the cost leading excellent sensor produced strain and changed the resistance value

also attending the meeting were heshaojun, director and chairman of Shanghai company, Liu Bin, director and general manager of Beijing company, and Zhang Ying, director and chief financial officer of Beijing company

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