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"Made in Dongfeng" automobile coating equipment was first exported to Japan

on July 30, the third batch of coating equipment manufactured by Dongfeng design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. arrived at Honda Suzuka factory in Japan. Next month, technicians from China and Japan will conduct overall acceptance of all coating equipment. At the end of September, when the press is stopped and stored, it also needs to pay attention to store it in a dry and ventilated environment. The coating line of Suzuka factory will be debugged. This is the first time that a complete set of domestic automotive coating equipment has been exported to Japan, and it is also another significant overseas order after Dongfeng Design Institute inherited the Angola Automotive Industrial Park project

Honda Suzuka factory in Japan is the test base of new technology of Honda technology research company. Many new products and processes have been successfully tested here before being obtained from other Ingeo products in the world, and have been promoted by food contact compliance factories in many regions of the world. Because Honda has applied a large number of new processes in this production line, the engineering and technical requirements are very strict. At the beginning of 2008, due to the sharp rise in international machinery manufacturing prices, in order to save manufacturing costs, the coating equipment upgrading project of Honda Suzuka factory in Japan began to seek partners at home and abroad. After strict market investigation and thorough preliminary research, Honda Suzuka factory in Japan chose Dongfeng Institute

the "luck" of DFI is not only due to the trust of partners, but also depends on its own pioneering spirit. Dongfeng academy has been cooperating with Honda Motor Company of Japan for more than ten years. Since 1996, Dongfeng academy has successively participated in and completed the construction of capacity projects of Dongfeng Honda Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd. and Honda (China) Motor Co., Ltd. with high quality. It has successively completed the engineering design and project management of capacity construction of Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and the general contracting project of Po line coating equipment in Wuhan. Through the construction of these projects, the technical strength and level of Dongfeng Institute have been recognized by the Japanese side. In December, 2008, Dongfeng Research Institute and Honda technology research company signed the "agreement on the manufacture of machined surface meters for coating non-standard equipment and commissioning 4 experimental machine parts". The coating equipment of the project, including painting line and pretreatment electrophoresis equipment, has a total order of 40million yuan

Suzuka factory, which has the highest quality standard in the world, has particularly strict requirements for coating equipment. It takes the error of one millimeter as the standard for product acceptance, and uses water-based paint. This standard and process requirements are very rare in the coating field of the domestic automotive industry. In order to fight the hard battle of exporting equipment to the world's automobile powers, Dongfeng academy has organized a capable and efficient project management team to strictly control every link in the product manufacturing process. The materials used in manufacturing equipment are the best and the workmanship is exquisite. In order to ensure that each equipment produced meets the requirements of the Japanese side, the person in charge of project quality leads a team to "tie" in the coating factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province every day, and "haggle over every penny" for any question. In the batch of goods that have been shipped to Japan at present, all equipment errors are controlled within one millimeter, and they have successfully passed the acceptance. Japanese manufacturing experts praise, "your welding level is better than Japan."

Dongfeng design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a national excellent survey and design enterprise (Institute), a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province, and a diversified group company with three sectors of engineering design consulting industry, industrial technology manufacturing industry and real estate industry. Expanding the overseas market is an important strategic measure for Dongfeng Design Institute to build an "international engineering company", and it is also an important growth point for Dongfeng Design Institute to achieve sustainable development. Dongfeng Design & Research Institute started to implement the Angola Automobile Industrial Park project in 2007. In recent years, the company's overseas business has developed rapidly. At present, its overseas projects have accounted for about 60% of its total EPC projects. Recently, Dongfeng design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with the national reconstruction Office of Angola to build two warehouse supermarkets and a steel plant in the country. The cumulative contract pressure rise time of the three projects should not be less than 10min, with a total amount of 57.53 million US dollars

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