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Hechi 13 enterprises have obtained the Hong Kong high-quality "positive" seal certification

release date: 20 plastic simply supported beam impact testing machine, which conforms to ISO 179, gb/t 1043, gb/t 2612, jb/t 8762, gb4742 standards source: Guangxi

on September 27, Hechi market supervision and Administration held a certification ceremony in Jinchengjiang District for Hechi packaged drinking water products and characteristic products to obtain the Hong Kong high-quality "positive" seal certification, Hong Kong Quality "authentic" certification was granted to 13 enterprises, including packaging drinking water and special products

this time, Hechi City has obtained the Hong Kong high-quality "Zhengyin" certification. The products are 90 million mountain spring drinking natural spring materials. It has passed seven drinking water products, including a preheated boiler water, Guangxi bamalilang drinking water and natural mineral water. At the same time, six products, including Huanjiang fragrant japonica rice and Duxin brand gold granulated sugar, have won the Hong Kong high-quality "Zhengyin" certification characteristic products

Hong Kong Standards and Certification Center is the largest inspection, testing and certification organization in Hong Kong. The company's certification and testing services have been recognized by many national and international authorities. In the face of severe market competition, Hechi organizes enterprises to carry out high-quality "positive" seal certification in Hong Kong, which is the most convenient way for Hechi products to successfully obtain international certification and enter the international market

in recent years, the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau has actively carried out the creation of Hong Kong high-quality "positive" seal certification activities, and achieved the city's creation of Hong Kong high-quality "positive" through a series of measures such as assistance and guidance, strengthened services, and strict publicity and training. What's the difference between the built production and tension machine fixtures? A breakthrough of zero in high-end certification such as printing certification can not be put into operation for at least one year. In, the city received a total of 16 high-end certificates from Hong Kong, including 7 drinking water enterprises and 9 enterprises with special products, and ranked first in the region in 2020

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