12 operation points for the hottest crawler crane

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12 operating points for crawler crane

1) when the engine is started, all joysticks must be placed in the neutral position. After starting, check the indicated value of each instrument and listen to the operation of the engine, and start working after confirming that it is normal

2) before operation, the test run should be carried out to check whether each mechanism works normally and reliably. Especially when working after rain and snow, the crane should be lifted again, and the work can be carried out only after it is confirmed to be reliable

3) there shall be no obstacles affecting the operation within the crane operation range. No one is allowed to stay or pass under the boom during operation. It is strictly forbidden to use a crane to carry personnel

4) the luffing indicator, torque limiter, travel switch and other safety protection devices of the crane 1. When the main ring of the chain is used with the M-class hook of the crane, the device shall not be adjusted and removed at will. It is strictly forbidden to replace the operation with a limit device. For cranes without lifting limit devices, the maximum elevation angle of the boom shall not exceed 78

5) the crane must operate according to the specified lifting performance, and it is not allowed to overload or lift objects of unknown quality. It is strictly forbidden to use the lifting hook to pull or lift diagonally

6) when lifting with full load, the crane must be placed on a solid horizontal ground. First lift the heavy object 20 ~ 50mm away from the ground, and then continue lifting after checking and confirming the stability and braking reliability of the crane. The action should be stable, and it is forbidden to perform two actions at the same time

7) in case of heavy objects that must be lifted by two cranes, the weight of the heavy objects shall not exceed 75% of the total allowable lifting weight of two cranes by German reprap. When binding, we should pay attention to the average load, but when we test the resin separately, we find that the load of each crane does not exceed 80% of the allowable load of the machine. Under the unified command and close cooperation, the hook pulley blocks of the two machines should basically remain vertical

8) hydraulic and pneumatic driven cranes should operate at the specified pressure and speed, and it is strictly forbidden to meet the construction needs by increasing the pressure and speed

9) the luffing mechanism driven by worm and worm gear is adopted. It is strictly forbidden to pull the jaw clutch into neutral before the boom stops stably

10) when the crane is traveling with load, the crane arm should be parallel to the crawler, and the weight should be tied with a pull rope. When walking and turning, you should not be too fast. The road surface is rough or uneven. Where the unique directional valve of PTI, the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion equipment, is granted a U.S. patent, you must not turn

11) when the crane is traveling unloaded on the ramp, the elevation angle of the boom should be reduced when going uphill, while when traveling downhill, the elevation angle of the boom should be enlarged to balance the center of gravity of the crane. It is strictly forbidden to slide down the slope with gears

12) in case of strong wind, heavy snow, heavy rain or fog, the lifting operation shall be stopped and the jib shall be turned to the downwind direction

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