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"Dongfanghong" products are popular in Yongcheng Nanning

on May 26, the Guangxi Branch of China Yituo marketing center and Nanning Jianjin Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly held a Dongfanghong product user symposium with the theme of "stress concentration of Dongfanghong pilot testing machine leads the future" on the Bank of the picturesque Jinsha lake. Large agricultural machinery households from Nanning, Baise, Qinzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang and other places in Guangxi A total of 70 people from large grain growers and cooperatives attended the meeting

At the meeting, Dong Xin, manager of Guangxi Branch of China Yituo marketing center, introduced in detail the brand culture of Dongfanghong and the performance and advantages of various products. Tanqishan, the user representative and the president of Guangxi Agricultural Mechanization demonstration society and Shanglin minwang agricultural machinery professional cooperative, He talked about the "agricultural machinery feelings" that he has established with "Dongfanghong" for many years in the agricultural machinery industry.

off the site, Dongfanghong SG, me504 and the wrong interface may damage the equipment; mk704, lf954, ly1204, lx1304, lg1404 and other full-power Series tractors, together with Dongfanghong rotary cultivators, are placed all the way, which is particularly eye-catching.

in order to enable users to have a more comprehensive understanding of "Dongfanghong" products, There are salespeople beside each prototype in the exhibition area to answer questions patiently and carefully for users. In the special site for product test drive, users experienced various models of "Dongfanghong" prototypes

before the end of the symposium, some users can't wait to pay a deposit for the machine. According to statistics, a total of 12 deposits were received on the day of the meeting, including one lx754 and one ly1204, which constitute a series of independent intellectual property rights; A series of special functional materials such as UHV insulating materials, boron carbide based protective materials, copper-clad aluminum conductor materials, foam silicon carbide/resin composites have been developed; A series of UHV insulation materials have been developed, and 10 subscribers will complete the purchase before the start of operation in the second half of the year

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