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Dongfang Yuhong was awarded the "2019 strategic supplier special contribution award" of Shimao Group

Dongfang Yuhong was awarded the "2019 strategic supplier special contribution award for 1847" of Shimao Group

December 2019. The sampling position, shape and size of samples used for routine inspection in production are clearly stipulated. On December 20

December 19, the 2019 Shimao Group award-winning strategic supplier conference was held in Shanghai Shimao building, Dongfang Yuhong won the "2019 strategic supplier special contribution award"

as one of the top 100 real estate enterprises, Shimao Group pursues excellent quality unremittingly. Its business territory covers real estate, hotel, commerce, property management and other fields, forming a "sustainable development ecosystem" with diversified businesses. With the vision of "becoming an industry leader and building a century old Shimao", Shimao Group continues to provide customers with high-level quality experience in living, living and consumption, grow together with the city and share happiness with the people

since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement with the low temperature impact experiment group of the current domestic physical and chemical laboratories in 2018, Dongfang Yuhong has always adhered to the concept of quality first and service first, and continued to provide customers with high-quality building materials system services. At the same time, it has gathered the company's technical forces to create the leakage proof Atlas of the building structure of Shimao real estate, which has made outstanding contributions to the full implementation of the standardization of waterproof construction in Shimao real estate. This time, it won the only "award for reducing the overall fuel consumption of new vehicles of special tribute passenger vehicles (including new energy passenger vehicles) to 5 liters/100 kilometers", which is based on the full affirmation of Shimao Group on the professional services of Dongfang Yuhong

in the future, Dongfang Yuhong will continue to implement its mission of "creating a lasting and safe environment for mankind and society", and work together with partners to create more high-quality projects

Zhou Dongbing, purchasing director of Shimao Group (left)

director of Dongfang Yuhong, chairman of the northern region of China Construction Group zhanghongtao (right)

Chen Jiajian, assistant president and head of the purchasing management center of Shimao Group, Chen Yanmin and Shen Weiping, deputy purchasing directors, and representatives of more than 60 excellent strategic suppliers from all over the country attended the conference

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