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"Dongfanghong" will become the "fighter" of Zhumadian agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

"Dongfanghong" will become the "fighter" of Zhumadian agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

China Construction machinery information

at this year's "China Agricultural processing Fair", the project of Dongfanghong agricultural machinery equipment Industrial Park signed by Yicheng District and Zhumadian Changlun Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is progressing smoothly. At present, the project land has been approved, the land requisition compensation has been completed, and the fence has been built. It will be listed and announced in the near future

the organizer of this project is China First Tractor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yituo Co., Ltd.), which is the only agricultural machinery manufacturing and sales enterprise listed in Hong Kong in mainland China with the introduction of construction experts. The company is located in Luoyang, Henan Province. In 1997, China YITUO Group Co., Ltd. restructured its tractor related businesses, assets, liabilities and personnel, and then further increased its stress until it underwent joint-stock reform. It established Yituo Co., Ltd. according to law and was successfully listed in Hong Kong H shares on June 23 of the same year. Yituo Co., Ltd. is the main subsidiary of YITUO Group. YITUO Co., Ltd., formerly known as the first tractor manufacturer, was founded in 1955. It is one of 156 national key projects built during the first five year plan period in China. It is the only super large enterprise in China's agricultural machinery industry. In 1990, it was rated as "national first-class enterprise" by the enterprise management committee of the State Council

according to the relevant person in charge of the Investment Promotion Office of Yicheng District, the investment promotion personnel in this area rely on the advantages of Zhumadian equipment industry cluster, and implement the investment promotion in a targeted and precise manner around the three leading industries of equipment manufacturing, new energy and agricultural and sideline products processing according to the investment promotion concept of "extending and supplementing the chain, and using suspension structures for shoulder samples to lengthen the chain". In 2013, after capturing the information that Yituo Co., Ltd. would invest in the south of Henan Province, the merchants took the initiative to go to Luoyang for many times to connect with Yituo Co., Ltd. and the senior management. After many negotiations and investigations between the two sides, the project finally settled in Yicheng District. The products manufactured are "Dongfanghong" series agricultural machinery, a national key agricultural machinery brand, which has broad prospects for serving agriculture

it is reported that the strong advantages in R & D, technology and manufacturing of Yituo Co., Ltd. provide a solid guarantee for the sustainable and good development of Yituo Co., Ltd. The technology center of YITUO Group is the first national enterprise technology research and development center in the field of agricultural machinery in China and the only national Tractor Research and development institution. It is a national enterprise post doctoral mobile station. It brings together first-class professional and technical talents and top technologies in the field of domestic tractors, adopts advanced software systems such as finite element analysis and three-dimensional dynamic simulation design, and has 11 domestic advanced laboratories, motor vehicle safety performance testing lines and traction The turbulence vibration test field is a member unit of the national tractor Standardization Committee, the national tractor quality inspection center, and the sub center of the mechanical industry CAD consulting service center. YITUO technology and materials research institute provides a solid guarantee for Yituo company to maintain the leading quality and performance of product manufacturing and remanufacturing while taking the lead in product technology

with a total investment of 470million yuan, Zhumadian Changlun Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was registered with a registered capital of 20million yuan to build the Dongfanghong agricultural machinery equipment Industrial Park project, covering an area of 192 mu. The project plans to build 120972 square meters of production workshops, 57600 square meters of warehouses, 17280 square meters of comprehensive office buildings, 3158 square meters of staff dormitory buildings and ancillary facilities, with a total construction area of 200010 square meters

according to the relevant person in charge of the project, the production process of the project is: plate and profile → cutting and blanking → forming → assembly and welding → machining → assembly → shot blasting coating → assembly and assembly → test → whole machine coating → warehousing. The main equipment includes 260 sets of plate shears, vertical keyway milling machines, CNC flame cutting machines, tilting presses, four column hydraulic presses, CNC gantry drilling machines, vertical turning and milling centers, radial drilling machines, CNC gantry milling machines, shot blasting machines, etc

it is understood that the construction period of the project is planned to be 18 months. After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual output of the project will be 10000 rotary cultivators, 10000 no till planters and 3000 corn harvesters. The annual sales revenue is 900million yuan, and the total annual profit is 123.044 million yuan

the project adopts domestic advanced process and production technology, and selects new technologies and equipment that have been tested in practice. The production line has advanced technology and reliable production, which can ensure the efficient operation of the project after it is put into operation. After the project is put into operation, 450 jobs will be provided, which has good economic and social benefits. The environmental protection measures of the project are effective, and the relevant national and regional regulations and standards on environmental protection, labor safety, industrial health, measurement and fire protection are strictly implemented in the construction, so as to achieve "three Simultaneities"

according to the relevant person in charge of Yicheng District Investment Promotion Office, after the completion of the project, the greening of plastic additives is the premise of realizing the environmental friendliness of plastic materials, which is conducive to accelerating the rapid development of industrial economy in the region and better serving the economic construction. As the core area of national grain, our city produces agricultural machinery and equipment products such as rotary cultivators, planters, corn harvesters and so on, which have broad market prospects, and the project conforms to the national industrial policy and investment direction. The economic and social effects of the project are good, and the market potential is huge

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