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Dongfanghong diesel generator set plateau is sought after

recently, the Sales Department of China Yituo diesel engine company came good news: the first batch of 57 plateau machines supporting Dongfanghong diesel generator set were sought after by users in Tibet, and were sold out in a short time. This is a good start for diesel engine companies to further open the Tibetan market

it is understood that after learning that the demand for diesel generator sets in the Tibetan market has great potential, Wang Bin, a sales and service staff of the diesel engine company, volunteered to go to Lhasa for market research. In one month, he visited nearly 30 host supporting units and dealers. He not only found out the market situation and the situation of competitors, but also collected the faults that competitors' products are prone to on the plateau, providing important information for diesel engine companies to develop and improve products that adapt to the plateau engine market

after mastering the first-hand market information, the diesel engine company quickly formulated a sound sales and service plan to carry out the green transformation of regional industry, the efficient and clean utilization of coal in the industrial field, the collaborative disposal of domestic waste and solid waste in cement kilns, the comprehensive utilization base of industrial resources, and the extended pilot of electrical, electronic and automotive products producers. In view of the urgent demand of users in Tibet and the long production and shipping cycle of generator sets, the diesel engine company has set up a central warehouse in Lhasa and moved the warehouse forward to ensure that users can get products in the shortest time after placing orders; At the same time, the diesel engine company has set up two new service stations in Tibet, which can not only provide free first guarantee for Dongfanghong diesel engine generator set products, but also respond quickly to user service needs

on April 5, the diesel engine company held a product promotion meeting in Lhasa to comprehensively introduce the performance, characteristics, repair, maintenance, etc. of Dongfanghong diesel engine generator set products. In particular, the performance and quality of the products were unanimously recognized by the dealers and users present. On the spot, nine dealers reached an intention of cooperation with the diesel engine company to widely publicize Dongfanghong products in their respective stores; Subsequently, a total of 28 dealers successively placed purchase orders. After the first batch of 45 YM series and 12 ytr/lr series matching Dongfanghong diesel engine generator sets arrived in Tibet, users quickly sold them out. Local dealers said that Dongfanghong diesel engine generator set products have strong adaptability to the low temperature and hypoxia environment in the plateau, and stable performance. Service is the cornerstone of the brand and is deeply loved by users

up to now, users in Tibet have placed additional orders for more than 200 sets, and the heavy diesel plant of the diesel engine company is stepping up production and striving to successfully complete the production task

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