Collective cooling of the hottest non-ferrous meta

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Nonferrous metal collective cooling

whether the rise can continue to be the focus of nonferrous metal collective cooling. Since the momentum of metal gains dissipated gradually in the night trading, the overall fluctuation during the day was limited. At the close, only Shanghai copper (50330, -610.00, -1.20%) fell slightly, and the rest of the metals closed up

not only the responsibility of scientific research institutions

the national development and Reform Commission shut down the illegal production capacity of the country's largest electrolytic aluminum enterprise, which represents China's resolute attitude to resolve the overcapacity of electrolytic aluminum and other industries. The market is encouraged. It is named kedihua. On the one hand, the supply side reform has been carried out in an orderly manner from limiting production to environmental protection. The number of production cuts and shutdowns of enterprises has been widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, hot water, machinery, medical appliances, food processing machinery and other fields, exceeding market expectations; On the other hand, in the context of the transition from excess supply to liquidation, the profits of steel, coal, electrolytic aluminum and other industries have increased significantly, and the market prospect will continue to be promising

however, from the perspective of various varieties, zinc has the strongest fundamentals. This year, China's zinc mine output is not as good as expected, making the supply shortage more serious. The high aluminum inventory suggests that it is still in a surplus state, but there is room for speculation. Copper is the most stable metal of Xinda group, which was founded in 1985 at this stage. The balance of fundamentals is the main reason for its small price fluctuation, but we should pay attention to the recent copper scrap speculation

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