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Collection of utilization methods of waste bottles and bottle caps

skillful use of waste bottles

1 Make a small watering can. Some drink bottles have delicious colors, which are a pity to discard. They can be used to make a very practical small watering can. When making a small watering can from a waste bottle, you only need to taper some small holes at the bottom of the bottle

2. Make measuring cup. Some bottles (such as discarded milk bottles, etc.) have scales, which can be used as a measurement standard as long as they are slightly processed. 2 Halogen free flame retardant PP

3. Make clothes fragrant. Don't throw away empty perfume bottles and make-up water bottles immediately. Open their covers and put them in the suitcase or wardrobe, which will make the clothes fragrant

4. make noodles. When rolling noodles, if you can't find a rolling pin at the moment, you can use an empty glass bottle instead. Rolling noodles with a bottle filled with hot water can also soften hard noodles

5. Remove the wrinkles on the tie. The wrinkled tie can become flat and beautiful without ironing. As long as you roll the tie on the cylindrical beer bottle, the original wrinkles will be eliminated when you use it the next morning

6. Protect your watch. Cut open the small plastic medicine bottle, put the watch on it, draw the shape of the watch with a ballpoint pen, and then cut it according to the same pattern. Cut the long hole through the strap on both sides, pass the strap through the hole, and then pass through the bolt posts at both ends of the watch. If you wear it on your hands, it is flat, sweat proof, and not easy to fall off

7. Make funnel. Use scissors to cut from the middle of the empty coke bottle. The upper part is a very practical funnel, and the lower part can be used as a water cup

8. Chopsticks cylinder. Wrap a circle of cotton yarn soaked in alcohol or kerosene around the bottle neck, light it, and when the fire is about to go out, put the bottle in cold water, so that the glass bottle will be cut neatly. It is also practical to make chopsticks with the bottom half

9. Wind lamp. Cut off the bottom of the glass bottle and insert it into the lamp holder made of bamboo. Several ventilation holes should be made at the bottom of the lamp holder, and several notches should be made at the bottom edge of the bamboo tube, so that when the lamp is placed on the table, air can enter through the notch

10. Goldfish tank. A large and beautiful glass bottle can be made into a goldfish bowl by the method of chopsticks. Put a rubber tube on the cork below, and you can change the water for the goldfish without fishing it out

11. Hanging lampshade. Find a large, covered, colorful empty wine bottle (such as brandy bottle), cut the bottle and polish it smooth. Install the hanging lamp cap and bulb in the bottle, drill a hole in the original bottle cap, let the wire pass through, and screw on the bottle cap. Put an 8 cm long colored plastic tube on the bottleneck. Put a circle of gold adhesive tape on the middle of the bottle, and it will become a beautiful chandelier

12. Shampoo. Use plastic bottle to make a toothed shampoo. Cut the bottle in half at the bottom of its neck and use scissors to make it sawtooth (the sawtooth should be as sharp as possible)

skillfully use the bottle cap

1. Peel ginger. The shape of ginger is crooked and uneven, and the volume is small. It is very troublesome to peel ginger. You can use the teeth around the soda bottle or wine bottle cover to peel ginger, which is fast and convenient

2. Scrape fish scales. Take a small round bar about 15 cm long, nail two or four wine bottle caps on one end, and use the teeth on the end face of the bottle cap to scrape fish scales. It is a good tool for scraping fish scales

3. use waste bottle cap 4. Sensor: the sensor is the main component of the accuracy and force invariance of the experimental machine. At present, the types of electronic universal experimental machine sensors on the market include S-type and spoke type as decorations. It is a very unique decoration to collect the cap on the wine bottle in a large glass bottle and put it in the dining room or living room

4. drill bit making. If you want to drill a hole with a diameter of about 2 cm on the soft wood or gray wall, you can fix a wine bottle cap with a bolt, and then clamp the bolt on the drill head, and the bottle cap can show its skill here and play the role of a drill

5. handle making. Some bottle caps are very beautiful and can be used as handles for drawers. First, use steel to carve a loop line at the bottleneck, use a cotton thread soaked in alcohol to tie the bottle at the notch, ignite the cotton thread, when the flame is about to go out, immerse the bottle in cold water, and the mouth of the bottle can be cut off. The bottle mouth can be fixed on the drawer with appropriate bolts and sheep eye rings, and then the bottle cap can be screwed on the bottle mouth

6. Make the furniture slide and move well. Put a can cap under each leg of the furniture to slide the furniture. If there is one unqualified product in the sample after inspection

7。 Fill the soap box with fertilizer. Put the bottle cap in the soap box to prevent the soap from contacting the water at the bottom of the box, which can also save soap

8。 Make washing board. Collect the caps on some waste medicine bottles (such as the rubber caps on penicillin bottles, etc.), and then nail them on a rectangular wooden board in rows according to the crisscross position (the nails must be nailed in the depression of the cap), which becomes a very practical washboard. Because the rubber cover is elastic, the clothes wear less when washing

9。 Protect the legs of the chair. Moving a chair on the floor often makes a harsh noise. To avoid this, a bottle cap (such as the rubber cap on the penicillin bottle) can be installed on the legs of the chair as a buffer, so that it will not make a harsh sound and can protect the legs of the chair

10。 Guard room facade. Fixing the useless rubber cover behind the door with glue can prevent the door from colliding when opening and closing, and protect the door

11。 Chuaizi to repair the sewer. After being used for a long time, the wooden handle separated from the rubber. In this case, you can find an iron cap of a wine bottle, fix the cap on the end of the wooden handle with screws, and then put on a plastic bowl to avoid the phenomenon of removing the handle

12。 relieve itching. In summer, being bitten by mosquitoes is extremely itchy. You can put the hot water bottle cover on the mosquito bite and rub it for 2-3 seconds, and then remove it. After 2-3 consecutive times, the severe itching will disappear immediately, and there will be no erythema locally. The bottle cap should preferably be taken from a hot water bottle with a water temperature of about 90 ℃

13。 Raise flowers. Take a bottle cap and put it at the outlet hole of the flowerpot, which can not only circulate water, but also prevent soil loss

14。 Clean the wall. Nail a few small bottle caps on a small wooden board to form a small iron brush. With it, you can scrape away the paper pasted on the wall and the soil on the sole of your shoes. It is widely used

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