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Color composition of serialized Packaging Design II

new trend of modern packaging design. The rapid development of serialized packaging fully conforms to the aesthetic psychology of consumers. The diversification of commodities will inevitably lead to the diversification of commodity packaging. Serialization packaging is a popular form in contemporary international packaging design. It is the unified design of different kinds of products of an enterprise or a brand name with a common feature. It adopts local color, image or text changes, while the overall composition is designed completely and uniformly, unifying a variety of goods, also known as "family" design, so that customers can know at a glance that it is a product of a certain factory and a brand. So as to establish the concept of reputation and famous brand products, so that the overall image of the goods is strong, giving a clear impression and lasting. Seriation packaging has two advantages: first, it makes the enterprise's products prominent, which is conducive to crowding out and attracting people's attention, which is conducive to creating famous brands and market competition; Second, it plays a role in expanding sales. If consumers are satisfied with one of the series products, they will have trust in other varieties of products in the series, which will expand the sales impact. If it is a traditional famous brand product series, it can also expand sales by taking advantage of the charm of famous brands

in formal beauty, the unity of diversity and integrity is a very important rule. Both Eastern art and Western art have the tradition of holistic beauty. Nowadays, the law of overall beauty also goes deep into all fields of life, from clothing to furniture, from interior decoration to environmental art, all pursue the overall beauty of consistent artistic style. The packaging serialization design just conforms to the basic aesthetic principle of "diversity and unity", which is followed by our nation and other nations

due to the role and position of serial Packaging in the sales market, as well as the development trend, it determines the importance of its strategic position in the market competition. There are many means of expression of serialized packaging design. The types appearing in domestic and foreign markets can be generally summarized as follows:

1. Similar products have unified shapes, unified patterns (or images), unified text business positions, but changed colors. This kind of change has a strong sense of integrity and is widely used. From the perspective of printing, the revision process is simple and the cost is not high. Just change the title and change the ink color

2. Similar products have the same pattern, text and color, but different specifications and shapes. This form of change is mostly used in cosmetics packaging

3. For similar products, the text business position remains unchanged, and their specifications, patterns, and colors change

4. As soon as the specifications of similar products improve the supply guarantee ability of new materials, their patterns, colors and words change to reduce the complexity of the problem. This form changes a lot, but the way of expression of the pattern is consistent, which is a great unity, but a large number of combinations did not undermine the unity of the "big family"

5. The specifications, colors and shapes of similar products have changed, but the product name and brand name remain the same. It is the consistency of expression methods, which unify them. This kind of change is novel and chic, with changes in shape and strong interest. It is mostly used in children's toys or supplies. It is able to grasp children's psychology, with good display effect and strong attraction

6. For similar products, the color tone remains the same, the text name remains the same, and the shape remains the same, but the pattern image and position change (as shown in the figure). It skillfully uses the combination of the four sides of the box to form a very interesting pattern picture, which enhances the sense of integrity and expands the visual attraction. It is equal to unfolding the four sides of the box

in terms of the variety of its changes and the diversification of its means of expression, we can see its competitive position in the sales market

the expression form of serialized packaging is consistent with the "Repetition" expression method in decorative painting. In decorative painting, there are often repeated representations of people or things. In the repetition, sometimes it is the mechanical repetition of single bodies, and some of them have a slight change in the momentum. The purpose is to extend the rhythm, increase the research and development, production and sales of lithium battery materials, strengthen the artistic appeal, and arouse the emotional resonance through people's visual appreciation. In the Ballet Swan Lake, the four little swans dance together in a scene, with a light and beautiful melody, accompanied by an intoxicating dance, which gives us great artistic enjoyment. Imagine the effect of changing to a little swan solo? The expression method of serialized packaging just adapts to this extremely moving artistic law

problems that should be paid attention to in the analysis and design of strain curve of Jinan testing machine for serial Packaging:

product categories should not be confused. Serialized packaging emphasizes only changing combinations among similar commodities, and the combination of non similar commodities destroys its function. For example, the packaging of a series of cool drinks, including orange juice, grape juice, hawthorn juice, peach juice, etc., conceive a unified form in the design, and then highlight their respective fruit images in a clear position, so that people can see at a glance, achieve the purpose of serialization, and receive ideal results. It is not appropriate to combine "Hawthorn sparkling wine" into it, because one is beverage and the other is alcohol. Although they are both drinks, their ingredients are different and cannot be confused

in the serialization of similar commodities, individuality should be emphasized in commonness. Take the cool drinks mentioned above as an example. If the image of oranges, grapes and other fruits is ambiguous, or the product content cannot be clearly displayed due to improper business location and size, it is easy to cause misunderstanding among consumers and lose its sales value. For another example, in the design of coffee series packaging, we should clarify its symbolic tone: red means strong taste, yellow means light taste, sour taste is represented by green, etc. Distinct grades. Similar goods can also be classified as high or low, good or bad. Generally, high-grade commodities cannot form a series with low-grade commodities. If high-end suits and low-end suits form a series of packaging, people will doubt whether high-end suits are true or false? As a result, those who become high-level are not high-level, and those who are low-level are fake high-level, thus losing their credibility

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