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Color in gold and silver cardboard cigarette package printing

at present, there are a wide variety of cigarettes in the domestic market, and almost all places have their own brands. If you pay attention to their packaging, you will find that the upgrading of cigarette packaging is even more dizzying, from paper soft packaging to ordinary white card hard packaging, to glass cards, and aluminum foil gold and silver cardboard, which has been very popular in recent years. New processes are also emerging in endlessly, forming a new fashion of the so-called "cigarette bags for paper packaging"

for packaging users, the packaging of their products has become an important means for consumers to identify product quality and a symbol of product value. Gold and silver cardboard is made of ordinary white cardboard compounded or coated with gold and silver ink. Due to the metallic hue of gold and silver ink, the surface generally presents metallic luster, and then printed with exquisite patterns of various colors, giving people a high-end and elegant feeling. For printing enterprises, the price of cigarette packs with a set of gold and silver cardboard is generally times that of ordinary whiteboard, which has a higher profit margin. Therefore, we can see in the market that most brand cigarettes of cigarette factories are packaged with gold and silver cardboard; Moreover, cigarette bag printing manufacturers are also willing to recommend gold and silver cardboard printing cigarette bags to cigarette factories

however, due to the strong metallic luster on the surface of gold and silver cardboard, the color in the printing process is not easy to be controlled. How to ensure that the ink color of the same batch of prints, or even different batches of prints, is a basic requirement for the printing factory by customers who use gold and silver cardboard cigarette packs, and it is also a difficult experiment to follow the prescribed procedures. If the apparent characteristics such as the color and texture of the product's outer packaging look different, consumers may think that the product quality is unstable, and even doubt that the natural degradation of the traditional plastic in nature will take more than 100 years to complete the authenticity of the product. Therefore, general cigarette factories attach great importance to the color of their product packaging and require that the printed cigarette packages must have the same ink color. In fact, for printing, color consistency can only be relative. It is difficult to ensure the color consistency of the same batch of prints, while cigarette bag printing is mostly multi batch printing and mass printing. How to control and ensure the color consistency of different batches of prints is even more difficult. So, what should I do

as a world leading company in the field of color measurement, X-Rite has a very rich product line to meet the different needs of different industries. Avoid the political and economic marginalization of enterprises on the road of development in printing; Across industries, we have established friendly business relations with automobile, 3C, medical and health enterprises. Aseli company provides a full range of products to meet the needs of prepress, printing color measurement and control, and conduct printing color management. This paper briefly analyzes how to use the color measuring instrument to measure and control the color in cigarette package printing of gold and silver card paper, and is willing to discuss with colleagues

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