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Common organic matter colloquial name control

two paintings

ferrocene dimer cyclopentadiene iron fe[(CH) 5]2

three paintings

hexadiene sorbate -[2,4]- acid ch3ch=chcooh

maleic anhydride maleic anhydride

maleic anhydride hooch=chcooh

four paintings

Hexahydropyridine azacyclohexane nh- (CH2)5

collodion nitrocellulose (11~12%n)

aspartate succinate hooch2ch (NH2) COOH

asparagine hooch2ch (NH2) CONH2

xylol methanol

xylene dimethyl ether CH3OCH3

denture water methyl methacrylate ch2=c (CH3) -cooch3

laurate dodecanoic acid CH3 (CH2) 10cooh

lauraldehyde dodecaldehyde

lauryl alcohol dodecanol

Urotropine hexamethylenetetramine

bisphenol a ho benzene C (CH3) 2 benzene Oh

crotonate butene - [2] - acid ch3ch=chcooh

crotonaldehyde butene - [2] -Aldehyde ch3ch=chcho

salicylic acid o-hydroxybenzoic acid

five paintings

cysteine beta mercaptoalanine hsch2ch (NH2) COOH

pingpingjia o, a non-ionic indicating active agent, the main component is stone polyoxyethylene fatty alcohol ether ro (CH2CH2O) nch2ch2oh, in which R is the alkyl of c12~c18 and N is 15~16

glycerin glycerol

glycine aminoacetic acid h2nch2cooh


mannitol hexanol

cortisone 11 dehydrogenation-17 hydroxycorticosterone, or corticosterone

carbolic acid phenol

gentian violet is a vague business name, which has its own meaning in the literature. It is generally an equal mixture of methyl violet and dextrin

carbitol diethylene glycol monoether hochhol 2ch2och2ch2ch2och2ch3

nicotine, That is, 1-Methyl-2 - (3-pyridyl) pyrrolidine

serine beta hydroxyalanine hoch2ch (NH2) COOH

six paintings

Bornyl camphor - [2]

itaconic acid methylidene succinic acid ch2=c (COOH) -ch2cooh

glacial acetic acid generally refers to acetic acid with a concentration of more than 98%, Ice at 13.3 ℃ (melting point of pure acetic acid is 16.7 ℃)

Metol sulfuric acid P-METHYLAMINOPHENOL ho-benzene-nhch3 · 1/2h2so4

average annual growth rate of Sabbath oil 24% benzene

benzoic acid benzoic acid

thymol 5-methyl-2-isopropylphenol

benzoyl peroxide-co-o-co-benzene

phosgene carbonyl chloride CoCl2

meat beans myristic acid tetradecanoic acid CH3 (CH2) 12cooh

phenylpropyl cinnamate - [2] -Acid benzene-ch=chcooh

cinnamaldehyde benzene-ch=chcho

cinnamate alcohol benzene-ch=chchch2oh

tryptophan β- Indolyl alanine

isophorone 3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexene - [2] - ketone - [1]

seven paintings

mustard gas 2,2-dichloroethyl sulfide C has been studied at home and abroad lch2ch2ch2sch2cl

threonine a-amino- β- Hydroxybutyric acid

glutamic acid a-aminoglutaric acid hooch2ch2ch (NH2) COOH

aspirin acetylsalicylic acid HOOC benzene ococh3

eight paintings

oleic acid CIS octadecene -[9]- acid CH3 (CH2) 7ch=ch (CH2) 7COOH

malic acid hydroxysuccinic acid hooch (OH) ch2cooh

bitter almond oil benzaldehyde

picric acid 2,4,6-tris.Nitrophenol

phthalic anhydride phthalic anhydride

stilbene 1,2-stilbene [usually refers to trans] C6h5ch=chc6h5

a kind of anionic surfactant, the main component is sodium alkyl naphthalene sulfonate

lactic acid 2-hydroxypropionic acid CH3CH (OH) COOH

the general name of metal salts of soap higher fatty acids, Daily refers to the sodium salt or potassium salt of higher fatty acids

nine paintings

Corot tincture see collodion

oxalic acid oxalic acid acetic acid hooc-cooh

citric acid 2-hydroxypropyl (alkyl) tricarboxylic acid - [1,2,3] ho-c (ch2cooh) -cooh

formic acid HCOOH

Freon chlorofluorone and fluorobromide

thiuram disulfide tetramethyl thiuram (CH3) 2-n-c (=s) -s-s-c (=s) -n (CH3) 2

coumarin oxanaphthalene o-ketone

banana water (1) It is used as a solvent or diluent for coatings, and is composed of esters, ketones, alcohols, ethers and aromatics, (2) Isoamyl acetate ch3cooch2ch2ch (CH3) 2

ten paintings

tartaric acid 2,3-dihydroxysuccinic acid hooch (OH) ch (OH) COOH

alcohol ethanol

lauric acid dodecanoic acid CH3 (CH2) 10cooh

Tung (oil) acid octadecatriene -[9,11,13]- acid CH3 (CH2) 3 (ch=ch) 3 (CH2) 7COOH

collodion nitrocellulose (10~12%n)

cystine dithiocarbamate hooch (NH2) -ch2-s-s-ch2-ch (NH2) -COOH

eleven paintings

cis-12-hydroxyoctadecene ricinic acid - [9] - acid CH3 (CH2) 5CH (OH) ch2ch=ch (CH2) 7COOH

TNT [TNT] (2,4,6) trinitrotoluene

urea (H2n) 2c=o

twelve paintings

fumaric fumarate fumaric acid hooc-ch= ch-cooh

succinate hooc-ch2ch2-cooh

stearic acid octadecanoic acid CH3 (CH2) 16C Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. informs you that during the test process, ooh

nitroglycerin trinitrate

nitrocellulose nitrocellulose (12.5~13.9% n)

chloroform chloroform CHCl3

thirteen paintings

formalin 37~40% formaldehyde (HCHO) aqueous solution

lysine 2,6-diaminocaproic acid H2n (CH2) 3CH (NH2) COOH

iodoform triiodomethane

fourteen paintings

arginine 2-amino-5-guanylvaleric acid h2nc (=nh) Ch2ch2ch2ch (NH2) COOH

wax acid hexanoic acid CH3 (CH2) 24cooh

malate malonic acid hooch2cooh

fifteen paintings

dextrin (C6H10O5) x, Incomplete hydrolysis product of starch by acid or heat treatment or by a-amylase

camphor camphor -[2]

acetic anhydride acetic anhydride CH3C (=o) -o-c (=o) CH3

acetic acid CH3COOH

saccharin o-sulfonyl benzene (a) imide

sulfonic acid p-Aminobenzene Sulfonic Acid

cetane CH3 (CH2) 14ch3

.Cetyl alcohol cetyl alcohol CH3 (CH2) 14ch2oh

furfuryl alcohol furan methanol

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