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The "1U Prince" in the server - IT168 evaluation of videc NAS

server seems to be a high-end mysterious product, which seems to be far away from the PC we use everyday. Figuratively speaking, server is nothing more than the extreme form of specialization and modularization of PC. It has special development in function and shape to meet special needs and applications. According to the truth, these products in large enterprise computer rooms and network terminals are less exposed to the public. Just last week, our evaluation room received a 1U network storage server from Weida power, which also gave us an opportunity to have close contact with entry-level servers

such a big guy really surprised everyone when he came in. There is hardly so much space in the evaluation room to accept it

speaking of this big "mother's family" "Although established only six years ago, Weida power has created a myth of being among the top five industrial computer and network storage manufacturers in the world in a short time. According to statistics at the end of 2002, the market share of Weida power IPC reached 29.7%, ranking among the top ten fastest-growing enterprises in Taiwan market for three consecutive years. In China, Weida power sells more than 700 kinds of IPC industrial computers, more than 10 kinds of NAS network storage servers and five kinds of DVR network monitoring servers. In 2001 The NAS network storage server launched has achieved good results and has been the first NAS brand in the Asia Pacific market (except Japan) for two consecutive years

nas, in fact, is network attachedstorage. As the name suggests, it is a high-end server (usually a filter), which is accessed by workstations or servers through network protocols (such as tcp/ip) and applications. It is a compact computer with a single function. Its structure is not as complex as that of a personal computer. Theoretically, it can save all kinds of connectors such as keyboard, mouse, screen, sound card, speaker, expansion slot, etc., and only retain the power supply and simple control buttons, so as to achieve the purpose of single function and simplification

in today's storage, San and NAS are often combined: they are often regarded as two competitive technologies. In fact, they can complement each other well to provide access to different types of data. San aims at massive and block oriented data transmission, while NAS provides file level data access. Although their roles in practical applications are different, they are both reliable and safe technologies for the needs of mass data storage and important data backup

I'm afraid I can't finish explaining the technical theory of San and NAS for a moment. In order to have a more perceptual and intuitive understanding of the mysterious NAS server, we "arbitrarily" opened the chassis shell and opened its secret to everyone

these are the "viscera" of nas4120, which spread a large table. We have noticed that although nas4120 adopts IU height mode, its internal accessories have intuitive interface, simple operation, perfect control scheme and powerful functions, which are not limited by space, and the emission combination is very organized

4 Maxtor's Gold Diamond 9-generation hard disks, with a total capacity of 80g*4=320g (under the current raid0+1 mode, the effective capacity is 160GB). Weida motor rack NAS has unparalleled performance and outstanding scalability. The biggest advantage of nas-4 * * * level lies in the high integration of time, space and capacity: 1U rack standard height, storage capacity up to 640gb, cross platform network storage system, support raid0, 1, 5, and JBOD disk array systems, and achieve hot plug and true plug and play

the intel82815 (b-step) north bridge is adopted, which supports the low-voltage version of the tualatinpiii standard. The test prototype also officially adopts the central processor of PIII figure Latin 1.2g

an effective heat pipe cooling system is designed to effectively take away the high temperature generated by CPU and other equipment and ensure the stability and safety of the whole system. In fact, the lower exchange rate is another reason for the increase of non-ferrous metal import and export trade. What operating principle does the 13 micron figure change the experimental machine follow? Next, as our technicians take a look, the calorific value of Latin PIII is not large. We can see that the dark green one under the silver heat sink is the Turing PIII processor

generally, advanced servers pursue stability and security, so we are not surprised to see these two redundant power supplies on nas-4120. Usually, redundant power supplies (RPS) are used to improve the fault tolerance of switches. Because the possibility of power failure is much greater than that of power failure, the two power supplies will operate at full load and act as the backup of the other when one of them fails

the board contains two intelrc8254oem Gigabit cards, which were produced in 52 weeks of 2002. We can see it on the motherboard of the early 7205 entry workstation. Compared with the compatible products produced by Broadcom and other companies, the original card of Intel is better in the compatibility and stability of the application of soft water injection preloading parts


originally, we were interested in building a temporary Gigabit Network in the test room as a test platform. Unfortunately, this is really difficult to achieve: not only a PC platform supporting Gigabit cards, but also Gigabit off hub, Gigabit cable and other accessories. Therefore, the plan of such a live demonstration can only be abandoned

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