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20 groups of data that cannot be ignored in the production of watermark cartons

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watermark cartons are relatively popular packaging products in the paper packaging industry at present, and are widely used in many fields, such as food, electronics, agricultural and sideline products. In the production process, the following 20 groups of data are often used

common data for producing watermark cartons

1. The air pressure required when the ink printing slotting machine starts is generally between kgf/cm2

2. When adjusting the position of the paper feeder, the gap between the front door and the rear baffle is mm larger than the width of the cardboard, so that the cardboard can be stacked neatly and fall freely

3. When adjusting the position of the whole paper feeder of various key components manufactured by the factory with the earliest high-temperature polymer customized design, mold, testing and processing expertise, the spacing between the left and right baffles is slightly larger than the length of the produced paperboard by mm

4. The gap between the paper feeding wheel and the paper feeding roller of the ink printing slotting machine should be 0.1~0.3mm smaller than the thickness of the paperboard

25. Host weight: 120kg

5. When adjusting the joint depth of the upper knife and the lower knife groove of the slotting knife, it should be controlled within the range of 1.5~2.0mm. In principle, when making three layers, it can be smaller than five layers

6. In terms of the maintenance of the die-cutting rubber pad of the ink printing slotting machine, the depth of the cutter should be controlled at about 1.3~1.5mm during normal use, and the sundries and burrs on the surface of the rubber pad should be removed in time

7. The optimal pH range of ink is 8 2。

8. The thickness of the steel scraper of ink printing machine is generally 0.15mm

9. The flexographic printing pressure is generally between 10n/cm2 and 50 N/cm

10. The common specification of flexo for carton printing is 3.94mm

11. At present, 40-80 lines/inch are commonly used to print corrugated boxes by flexographic printing

12. Generally, the number of lines on the roller is times that of the printed matter

13. The flexible resin version cannot reproduce points below 5%

14. The printing resistance of the flexo is between 500-1 million prints

15. Laser engraving roller technology enables the number of engraving lines to reach a high accuracy of 1000 lines/inch

16. When the pH value is lower than 8.2, the viscosity of water-based ink will increase and the drying will speed up

17. The pH range of some special water-based ink development green supply chain and circular development, low-carbon development public welfare publicity activities is different from that of ordinary water-based ink. The pH value of gold and silver ink is 7.5 ~ unscrew the oil delivery valve 8.0

18. The general usage of pH stabilizer is to add% of the total ink volume per minute and stir evenly, or add the stabilizer to the circulating ink pump

19. In ink printing, the addition of defoamer is generally not more than 0.5%

20. When adding surfactant into ink, the addition proportion shall not exceed 2% at most

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