188 hazardous chemical enterprises were eliminated

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Eliminated! 188 hazardous chemical enterprises were cancelled! 1307 chemical enterprises are monitored

eliminated! 188 hazardous chemical enterprises were cancelled! 1307 chemical enterprises are monitored

December 2, 2020

in recent years, accidents involving dangerous chemicals such as chemical parks and tank car deflagration have attracted people's attention. In autumn and winter, the weather is dry. How to prevent and resolve safety risks

recently, Guangdong Provincial Department of emergency management announced that, as a major province in the production and consumption of dangerous chemicals, since the special rectification of the safety of dangerous chemicals was carried out this year, 55 dangerous chemical production enterprises and 133 operating enterprises have been closed and cancelled in Guangdong. In addition to the above items, some advanced tensile machines have been eliminated from the market, and a number of "small scattered and poor" enterprises have been withdrawn, resolutely preventing and curbing production safety accidents

by the end of the year, 1307 hazardous chemical production enterprises were all monitored

at the Lisha Island emergency rescue base in Dongguan, a full-time rescue team of hazardous chemicals carried out a simulation exercise of emergency rescue for oil tank leakage

the total area is 97 mu. With the captain's order, the rescue team members quickly dispatched, and the water curtain ejected by the high-pressure water gun soared up, blocking and guarding the oil spill site, and effectively diluting the leaked volatile matter; After investigating and finding out the accident, the rescue team decided to stop the leak under pressure; After the successful disposal, the team members will remove the residual hazardous chemicals paint on the protective clothing by washing the tent

Lisha island is located in the hub of the Pearl River seaward channel, with an area of about 13.2 square kilometers. As an important chemical storage, distribution and production base in South China, Lisha Island fine chemical industry park has an average daily chemical inventory of about 1.3 million tons, and most of the stored items are flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful

in order to strengthen the prevention and rescue work of safety production in the park, a two-level emergency rescue team system of the park and enterprises has been established in Lisha Island emergency rescue base, which has the ability of emergency inspection, hidden danger investigation, early warning, detection, material transfer, leakage stoppage, personnel search and rescue and other emergency rescue disposal capabilities. Bujingju, head of the full-time emergency rescue team for hazardous chemicals, said, "in order to ensure that on-site rescue can be carried out immediately after an accident in the park, we have people on duty here 365 days and 24 hours a year."

according to the relevant person in charge of the provincial emergency management department, since this year, Guangdong has solidly promoted the safety rectification of retaining 31 chemical parks, and made it clear that all chemical parks will implement closed management by the end of the year. At present, the risk monitoring and early warning system for the safe production of hazardous chemicals in Guangdong Province has been connected to the temperature, pressure, liquid level, combustible (toxic) gas alarm and other key IOT sensing monitoring data of 381 major hazard enterprises in the province, and connected to the real-time 3D modeling, realizing the synchronization of real-time monitoring, automatic early warning and enterprises, and SMS push early warning information to urge enterprises to deal with it in time

Guangdong has also extended the monitoring scope of the monitoring and early warning system to other hazardous chemical production enterprises. At present, 1060 enterprises have completed the access of monitoring data. As for the progress, 1307 hazardous chemical production enterprises in the province will realize monitoring and visual management by the end of the year. The system has become one of the first 10 cases of government service innovation in Guangdong Province in 2020

the b0.25 inspection of 381 major hazard source enterprises in the province fully covered

then, the author came to CNOOC sales Dongguan storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., Guangdong lichen Aowei Industrial Co., Ltd. and other enterprises with the interview team to visit how the enterprises store and alarm the dangerous chemicals in the company through the standardized management of safety production and full automatic system control

"we set the upper and lower limits of the industrial control center line through the DCS control system. If this warning line is exceeded, the system will automatically alarm and remind the operator to correct it in time." Zhanjianjun, general manager of Guangdong lichen Aowei Industrial Co., Ltd., introduced that the DCS system independently developed according to the company's industrial characteristics can detect all data in the plant, effectively preventing the occurrence of accidents and reducing the harm and impact of accidents

according to the relevant person in charge of Dongguan Emergency Management Bureau, the city strictly controls the access system, at the same time, rectifies the "small, scattered and poor" enterprises, sets up safety production information bulletin boards, and implements the hidden danger publicity system. Enterprises with hidden dangers of safety accidents are required to order correction and rectification within a time limit, and enterprises that cannot rectify are cleaned up or shut down; By guiding enterprises to carry out special safety production training, replace production materials with higher safety levels, and carry out multiple rounds of special safety rectification activities

according to the provincial emergency management department, this year, the provincial emergency management department, together with the provincial fire rescue corps, carried out a special inspection of major hazard installations of hazardous chemicals, completed the full coverage of the special inspection of 381 major hazard installations and 802 major hazard installations in the province, and supervised the handling, rectification, tracking and cancellation of all 2786 hidden dangers and 42 major hidden dangers found in the inspection

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