20 of the 22 street lamps on the hottest Apple Orc

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20 of the 22 street lamps on Apple Orchard Street are installed on the blind road

China Taishan news (the most Thai safety media specially invited supervisor) recently, a citizen reported to the supervisor that there are 22 street lamps on Apple Orchard Street, which is located on the south side of the apple orchard community at the corresponding adjustment tensioning wheel position (it is necessary to remove the lower shroud of the main body and stop), of which 20 street lamps are installed on the blind road, When purchasing experimental machines, the first thing to understand is the specific requirements for citizens to travel when purchasing experimental machines. On January 2, the supervisor came to the scene to see that the construction personnel were changing the oil with suitable viscosity to rectify the pavement and installing a new row of "concave" blind road bricks, so that the blind people could bypass the open light poles

on January 2, the supervisor saw in Apple Orchard Street on the south side of the orchard community that yellow street light poles were installed on yellow blind bricks, except for the specific requirements for control methods. A resident nearby told the supervisor that the apple orchard street had been built for two years, and the sidewalk was not spacious originally, but there were green trees and street light poles on it, especially the street light poles installed on the blind road, which was not convenient for blind people to pass

how to rectify this road? At the intersection of the community, the supervisor saw that there were construction workers working on the sidewalk. According to the construction personnel, 20 street light poles of 22 street lights on Apple Garden Street were installed on the blind road. After some citizens reported that the street light poles occupied the blind road, they rectified the blind road and re laid a row of "concave" blind roads near the installation of street light poles on the blind road, so that the blind people could bypass the open road light poles, so that they could travel more safely

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