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Zhaidian: 187 carton enterprises have an annual output value of 2.2 billion yuan

[local of China's packaging and printing industry] the packaging and printing cultural industry is a characteristic industry of the store town where Zhai ran, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, can work normally only after re calibrating the sensor, and it is also one of the main channels for local farmers to increase their income. After more than 30 years of continuous deposition, it has formed a distinctive industrial form

the carton industry has become the main income generating channel for farmers in Zhaidian town

the arrival of a cold wave has rapidly reduced the low air temperature in Zhaidian Town, Jishan county to below -5 ℃. Winter has arrived, and everything is depressed, but there are busy figures everywhere in the carton factory workshop in the town, a scene of prosperity

Ning Huanqi, 39, is an old employee of Zhaidian town Xinguang Packaging Co., Ltd. With more than 10 years of work experience, she is proficient in operating new equipment. Ning Huanqi, who lived in Zhaidian town since childhood, said that there were many packaging and printing plants in the town when he was a child. Yuncheng is rich in fruits. Since the reform and opening up, it has been exported, requiring a large number of paper boxes. We Zhaidian people seized this opportunity and opened many carton factories in the early 1990s

Ning Huanqi Huanyi 1 The experimental device includes heating furnace, sample rack, airflow hood, thermocouple, voltage stabilizer, voltage regulator, control instrument and temperature recorder. I can barely remember my appearance when I first entered the factory at the age of 26. Riding a bike to and from work every day, the roads in the town are full of potholes because there are no sewers. There are only a few small bungalows in the factory, and a few heavy machines take time and work. They can't make many finished products every day, and earn hundreds of yuan a month. As she was operating the machine, she said that gradually, in a few years, the cyclists in the factory changed to motorcycles. In the past two years, they changed their cleaning methods: the car was raised by the chuck, and the asphalt road was newly built in the town. In winter, it was cold, and they got from home to work with one foot of the accelerator. Last year, my husband saved money to buy a truck, specializing in carton transportation. Boasting about the changes over the years, Ning Huanqi's chatterbox can't be closed

packaging and printing cultural industry is the characteristic industry of Zhaidian Town, and it is also one of the main channels for local farmers to increase their income. After more than 30 years of continuous deposition, it has formed a distinctive industrial form. However, for a long time in the past, the number of carton packaging enterprises in Zhaidian town was large, the scale was small, the equipment was backward, the capital and personnel were short, the product grade was low, and the whole industry was stagnant. Talking about the development history of Zhaidian carton, Li Deyun, the boss of Xinguang Packaging Co., Ltd., has a say

a town has 187 carton enterprises with an output value of 2.2 billion

Li Deyun, who is nearly 60 years old, began to do business in the 1980s and founded a carton factory in 1995. His nearly 24-year entrepreneurial history has enabled him to witness the changes brought to this industry and town by reform and opening up

two examples can illustrate everything. From the beginning, most of the cartons produced in our town were used to contain fruits, and later increased to more than 500 kinds of packaging products, used to contain beer, milk, soda and other FMCG and industrial products. In recent years, there have been more and more express carton orders. As soon as the order of "double 11" has to be supplemented with corresponding fixtures, the order of "double 12" has come again. It shows that after the reform and opening up, the people's need for a better life is growing. Li Deyun sipped his tea and then said that there are 108 carton enterprises in the town with an output value of 2.2 billion. From waste paper recycling, recycled paper making, design plate making, multi-color printing, bonded box making, finished product testing, accessory processing to warehousing and logistics, a complete ecological cycle industrial chain has been formed, which not only allows the residents of the town to enjoy the dividends of reform and opening up, but also attracts many outsiders to work

after 40 years of reform and opening up, the built-up area of Zhaidian has reached 6 square kilometers, with a permanent population of 25000 and 187 private enterprises. It is an industrial and trade town dominated by packaging and printing industries, and has been successfully selected into the second batch of Characteristic Towns in the country. Zhaidian people are opening a big world with small cartons

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