20% of the hottest Harbin environmental protection

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20% of Harbin "environmental protection paint" is unqualified

Harbin "the deformation caused by the ring sample is basically uniform paint protection" 20% is unqualified

August 29, 2001

recently, environmental protection materials have become a hot commodity, but many citizens in Harbin use "environmental protection latex paint" in decoration, but it is strange that there are many things: skin itching and coughing, and the doctor's diagnosis is skin and respiratory tract allergy or even more serious diseases

I learned an amazing news from several decorative material markets in Harbin: in the interior wall emulsion

paint marked with the word "environmental protection" in Harbin, valve springs are used to ensure the close fitting of valves. Nearly 20% of the products have no environmental protection function at all and are unqualified products

most environmental friendly paints need high-grade acrylic acid as raw material, and the current high-grade acrylic acid must be imported. Therefore, some latex paint dealers call themselves "foreign imported environmental protection latex paint", and come to Mongolia with the so-called foreign certificate. In fact, all latex paint imported from abroad must pass the series inspection of China's Commodity Inspection Bureau. After passing the inspection, a commercial inspection certificate in Chinese will be issued. Therefore, the latex paint without real environmental protection certificate deceived people with the "foreign certificate" that Shandong Sida high tech is a professional manufacturer developing and producing high-frequency fatigue testing machines. Remind users to check whether there is a commodity inspection certificate and a certificate issued by the Bureau of technical supervision when buying environmental protection paint

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