1kvaups alarm of the hottest large pump station su

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1kvaups alarm fault of large pump station supplying power to basic cabinet

1 Fault phenomenon

1kva UPS sends out intermittent beeps, and pops up the "instant alarm data box" on the upper computer to display the alarm content

2. Therefore, the reason for the failure of the contraction experiment is

(1) the output voltage is reduced due to the damage of the battery

Tensile test, pressure test, peel test, tear test, shear bending test

(2) UPS internal fault

3. Take measures

(1) if the unit in operation fails, it must immediately exit the operation

(2) start the standby unit to ensure the normal transmission of sewage in the pump station

(3) disconnect the input/output switch or socket of the faulty ups

(4) disconnect the main power switch in the corresponding basic cabinet

(5) disconnect the power switch corresponding to 380V of the pump station, and hang the warning board "no switching on, someone works"

(6) check the ups fault and deal with it as soon as possible. Quilting machine

4 Solution

(1) replace the damaged battery

(2) send the ups to a professional manufacturer for repair or replacement

5. Possible consequences

if measures are not taken in time, the battery pack output time of UPS is too long, resulting in abnormal 220V power supply, basic PLC can not work normally, and the running unit is out of control, which may cause greater failure of the unit

6. Precautions

ups failure is a serious problem, and once the basic UPS cabinet has test consultation and equipment design service, the fault trip will be straight. 4. Connect the power line and grounding wire, and then affect the normal operation of the unit. Since the ups fault alarm sound is relatively weak, you must pay more attention to the patrol inspection at ordinary times, and pay attention to the alarm situation of the "real-time alarm data frame"

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