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The working meeting on the compilation of UAV training materials was successfully held

] on the afternoon of February 28, the working meeting on the compilation of the process control system for the development of UAV training materials was successfully held in the information building of Suzhou Vocational University. The meeting convened professionals in UAV and related fields to discuss the preparation of UAV training materials and lay the foundation and framework for the subsequent preparation work

At the beginning of the meeting, wangkunquan, Secretary General of Suzhou Security Association, first thanked Suzhou Vocational University for its warm reception. Then introduced the participants of this meeting, they are: Li Jinxiang, Dean of the school of computer engineering of Suzhou Vocational University, Zeng Hai, Deputy Dean, Shen Pingping, director, songyajuan, doctor of UAV coding, Zhang Fen, director of the school enterprise office of Suzhou Vocational University, Zhao Zhiqiang, Chen Xuan, deputy dean of Wu Wenhua Research Institute, Yu Long, consultant of Suzhou Security Association, Yu Zhijiang, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the UAV branch of Suzhou Security Association, Lu Xin, general manager of Yicai Aviation Information Consulting Co., Ltd., Tian Yuan, general manager of Suzhou depus Rui Information Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Gong, training department of Suzhou Hisen UAV Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Leming, UAV administrator of public security detachment of Suzhou Public Security Bureau, Zhang Jian, general manager of FEIWANG UAV Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Hong, director of UAV Technical Committee of Suzhou aviation sports and model Sports Association, Gao Heibing, director of the business department of the National Institute for product quality supervision and inspection, and Xiao Shengbing and lengfei, senior engineers of Suzhou University

President Li Jinxiang first welcomed you on behalf of the school of computer engineering and introduced the development of the school. He said that the cooperation between the two sides in compiling textbooks is also a new model for strengthening the construction of the college and innovating the cooperation between schools and enterprises. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of both sides, UAV training will be implemented and better guided in the future

director Zhang discussed with you the purpose and original intention of school enterprise cooperation and the establishment of enterprise colleges. She believes that the source of running a school comes from the cultivation of people. By building a linkage mechanism between government, administration, enterprises and schools, students can use what they learn, and finally promote the development of local economy and give back to the society

Wang kunquan said: this textbook compilation work is the first work since the beginning of 2019, and it is also the first cooperation after the association and the Vocational University jointly built the security college. He hopes to make a good start for 2019 and do practical things in a practical spirit. The compilation of UAV training materials has received strong support and help from schools, enterprises and government departments. The association hopes to broaden the service dimension and achieve win-win results through the optimal allocation of resources of all parties. Then, he explained to you the compilation plan of teaching materials in the first half of the year and training in the second half of the year; The compilation direction is mainly practical, and the principle of highly open and inclusive compilation participation

based on his experience, Yu Zhijiang put forward the idea of dividing the content of the textbook into three parts and dividing the compilation process into two steps. He thought that a simplified version could be compiled as a general outline to guide the operation. And on this basis, continue to improve, so that textbooks to achieve systematization and standardization. In addition, he also suggested that step-by-step training should be implemented to vertically segment the needs and clarify the audience

editor in chief Fang Yulong shared his ideas on textbook compilation. According to the current situation of the development of unmanned aerial vehicles in China, he divided the textbook into seven chapters to elaborate on the definition, category, application and management of unmanned aerial vehicles. He believes that due to the positioning of the practicality of the textbook, the object and content of the textbook must also be comprehensive, so that the textbook can have a broader vision and richer content

Chen Hong said that it is very feasible to compile the simplified version, which not only reflects the practicality of the textbook, but also saves manpower and material costs directly connected to the experimental machine. In addition, the knowledge of the impact of weather on unmanned aerial vehicles can be included in the teaching materials, and the principles of unmanned aerial vehicles can be put into the introduction to form a complete system

Zhang Jian affirmed the idea of step-by-step training based on his own UAV training experience. Combined with the current cases, it tells you the existing problems of UAV management, and puts forward suggestions on the specific content and time of training regulations

in terms of standard establishment, Tian Yuan made suggestions on UAV flight management. He believed that it was best for local industry associations to establish local standards. 1. A clear and clear guidance on length measurement method to refine the rules

Wang Leming believes that in the process of compiling textbooks, we need to clarify when we can fly and where we can't fly. At the same time, it is clear, so as to solve the black flying chaos and reduce the possibility of accidents

hi Senyang suggested that when it comes to professional training, in addition to the training of existing UAV technology, the standards related to security also need to be implemented

song Yajuan suggested that the purpose and object of the textbook should be more clear, so that the content of the textbook will not be messy and redundant

Wang kunquan agreed with the view of clarifying the object of the textbook, and said that in the process of compiling the practical part of the textbook, we should consider the positioning of the association's training as a public welfare service. The training objects start with member units, government departments and vocational college students, get social recognition, and then take the way of government purchase services

Leng Fei said that UAV training can refer to the experience of entrepreneurship simulation training in the human resources center. At the same time, we should broaden our thinking, carry out cooperation with schools and enterprises, and obtain the recognition of local governments and education departments

then, we discussed the rationality and legitimacy of the issuance of UAV training operation certificate. Chen Hong believes that it is necessary to clarify the positioning and applicability of the training certificate; Zhao Zhiqiang believes that the purpose of obtaining certificates should be clarified, and the training content should be divided into two aspects: knowledge and knowledge. Certificates can also be divided into corresponding levels, and can be explored from the primary standard to the local and even the whole country according to the national vocational qualification standard

for the target of UAV training, Yu Zhijiang believes that it can be divided into three different batches. Wang kunquan believes that due to the limited energy of the association, we can start from the foundation and adopt the method of pilot first and then implementation. Fang Yulong proposed that the UAV branch can absorb group members and individual members, which is more conducive to the socialization of UAV training

Gao Heibing put forward the concept of quantification from a professional perspective. He suggested that an outline should be drawn up separately for examination and training. Take quantitative standards as the support to make the training more standardized. In addition, the quality inspection department can also issue relevant qualification certificates to achieve the integration of UAV qualification certificates and improve its recognition

with regard to the final implementation and compilation of the textbook, Zeng Hai suggested that the form of integrated textbook should be used as the highlight of this textbook. Using modern media and media means, pictures and videos are used to replace a large number of words, making teaching interesting and electronic

this meeting brought together many wisdom, fused new ideas, discussed new technologies, and provided suggestions and inspiration for the compilation of textbooks. The association will continue to improve the mode of joint construction with vocational universities, run the security college well, promote the integration of industry and education, and contribute to the beautiful and safe Suzhou

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