183 printing polluting enterprises in Beijing must

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183 printing polluting enterprises in Beijing need to rectify within a time limit

in response to the recent unannounced visit by the Ministry of environmental protection to 29 enterprises in Beijing and the discovery that 22 of them had problems with excessive emissions, the Environmental Protection Bureau recently conducted a self-examination of the environmental violations of enterprises in Beijing, and quickly released the investigation results on the official micro condensation hydrogenation production technology Expo: 183, 59 and 10 in the printing, casting and forging, and cement industries respectively, A total of 252 enterprises have various environmental pollution problems and have been punished or ordered to rectify within a time limit

in order to find out the cause of the failure, the Environmental Protection Bureau revealed that the relevant departments have carried out inspections to varying degrees in the cement, printing, casting and Forging Industries with serious environmental pollution. According to the data, in the recent law enforcement inspection and supervisory monitoring of eight cement production enterprises by environmental supervision and law enforcement officers at the municipal and district levels in Beijing, a total of four enterprises were found to have excessive nitrogen oxide emissions, and six enterprises had the phenomenon of open stacking of materials and serious dust pollution. Now these 10 enterprises have been required to rectify. This year, Shandong Huayu will take this opportunity to further clarify the development direction. In the process of comprehensive inspection of the city's casting and forging enterprises, 34 illegal units have been issued a deadline for Treatment Notice, and 25 problematic enterprises have been punished. After the inspection on the emission of volatile organic compounds in the printing industry, the environmental protection law enforcement department issued a notice of treatment within a time limit to 183 units with problems, and punished 43 illegal enterprises

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