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A conversation with an aspiring content creator, Ziyad Ali Greenshaw highschool - Today News Post Today News || UK News

We all know about the famous streamers and youtubers who have ‘made it’ in the entertainment industry but I wanted to speak to an up-and-coming streamer Iceybro136. Icey started streaming as ‘it seemed a fun hobby’ but streamers such as Ludwig and Jschlatt inspired him to ‘take it more seriously instead of just a fun pass time’. ‘When I first started streaming, I only had access to the bass elgato application which was not ideal:1618064525178,, basically streaming with a handy cap, so I was limited to streaming to streaming games from his Nintendo system’. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his dream of content creation; he has now upgraded his PC so can stream ‘whatever I want now giving me a lot more flexibility, however it is a double-edged sword despite giving me so many options and improving my overall content it makes me blend in a lot more making it harder to stand out’. I asked if he believed that the older creators had an advantage when it came to views ‘In terms of the youtube space they obviously have had their impact but at the same time the algorithm makes it really hard for the upcoming creators toreach their level of fame, but things like tiktok are a lot more creator friendly just because of ?how easy it is to go viral’Though this suggestion is. RELATED: Gladstone’s Land offers glimpse of life in Edinburgh across 500 years


Being an aspiring content creator is very hard on someone’s mental health this is a bit of an issue for Icey as he cannot afford to ‘burn out’ as he needs to keep his audience entertained which he states ‘is not the healthiest and is definitely not for everyone’. Icey told me about his back up plan, he has been told many times before that content creation is not a stable job and therefore continues to focus on his studies and hoping to one day be an employee of the BBC as his plan B.

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